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Victory to the Glasgow strikers!

The Workers Party of Britain congratulates the rail workers, bin men, dinner ladies and janitors who have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action during the COP26 climate crisis talks in Glasgow, and calls on bosses to stop dragging their feet over long standing grievances over pay and conditions.

Confronted by the obduracy of management, these workers have astutely chosen the moment when the world’s eyes are on Glasgow, to spotlight the shameful treatment of these key workers, many of whom worked on throughout the pandemic.

As the RMT’s Mick Lynch correctly noted, “There can be no climate justice without pay justice.” The three rail unions, RMT, Aslef and TSSA, have issued a joint statement, protesting against ScotRail’s plans to cut trains and calling on management to value its employees, expand services and cut fares – all of which measures are essential to meeting environmental targets.

The Workers Party of Britain supports the Glasgow strikers and agitates for universal access to a cheap or free fully integrated public transport system purged of the curse of privatisation.