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Stop union-busting at St Mungo’s!

The Workers Party of Britain denounces union-busting at St Mungo’s and supports the repair workers on strike since 22 April.

For the last year, workers at London-based homeless charity St Mungo’s have been in a series of disputes with management over a slew of issues. St Mungo’s hit the headlines last year when management admitted under pressure that they have shared information on migrant rough sleepers with the Home Office, compromising the vital work of outreach teams. This came on top of efforts by management to enforce changes to staffing and sick pay arrangements designed to open the door to a cheaper workforce on worse pay and conditions.

Instead of making an honest effort to listen to workers’ concerns, management has trampled on regardless, and when this has resulted in union reps initiating grievance procedures management has slapped trumped-up misconduct charges on the whistleblowers. Sooner than work with staff to serve the homeless better, all St Mungo’s management’s current efforts are concentrated on union-busting. Right now no less than 44 percent of Unite reps are facing formal procedures that could end in their dismissal. 

The repairs reps currently on strike have raised three separate grievances against the same manager and are now facing gross misconduct charges. Unite is demanding that management drop disciplinary action against the suspended rep pending an independent investigation.

Stop union-busting at St Mungo’s! Support the strikers!