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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the Workers Party of Britain?

The Workers Party of Britain was established in 2019 by George Galloway. The Workers Party has a Congress of members which meets at least every four years. You can read our Rules here. Our National Members Council (NMC) was elected at our most recent Congress in December 2023. The NMC is made up of elected members of the party and is our leadership body. The Council meets regularly. The party elected a new leadership at Congress 2023:

Our Leader George Galloway

There’s only one George Galloway. Six-term Parliamentarian, freedom fighter, man of the world. Writer, broadcaster, film-maker. Football and boxing enthusiast, movie-goer, box-set binger. Husband, father of five children, Scottish of Irish background, honorary Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian… Friend of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Benazir Bhutto, Yasser Arafat, Tariq Aziz. Trembling with indignation at any injustice, anywhere.

Deputy leader Chris Williamson

Chris WIlliamson was a Labour Member of Parliament representing Derby North between 2010-15 & 2017-2019. Prior to that he had been a councillor in Derby for many years and leader of Derby council having served his time as a bricklayer. He is the host of Palestine Declassified and Resistance TV.

Deputy leader Andy Hudd

Andy Hudd is a former soldier and newly elected Deputy Leader of the Workers Party. Andy is a train driver in the south west, and an active member of his trade union, ASLEF.

Deputy leader Peter Ford.

Peter Ford is from a working class family in the north west of England. Opportunities created by Harold Wilson’s government enabled him to have a successful career in the Foreign Office serving as British Ambassador to Bahrain in 1999-2003 and then Syria 2003-2006 before retirement. Peter is a lifelong socialist and former member of the Labour Party. After retiring Peter worked for the UNRWA where he was its representative in the Arab world, fundraising millions in aid for the Palestinian people.

2. Who is on our elected NMC?


Founder member of the Workers Party and member of the NMC since 2019. Producer, director and presenter of numerous television programmes and political information programmes, not least MOATS.


I am a sign-writer and artist, a founding member of the party, supporting George Galloway as independent candidate for West Brom in Dec 2019, through the founding congress of the party and have played a leading role during the early online meetings and discussions necessitated by the covid19 period. I participated in the campaign in Batley and Spen during 2021 and held a role as a national organiser until late 2022.


Co-founder, former director & National Co-ordinator of Festival of Resistance with Chris Williamson. Former Division Secretary, caseworker & North West President for NUT. Elected as National Conference Business Committee member for NUT. Former Executive member for North West TUC. National organiser for Resist. General Secretary for Resist, compiling electronic newsletters, membership data, accounts, advertising & marketing. Organised conferences for NUT & Resist, including websites, advertising & marketing; audio/visual experts; speakers; tickets etc. Organised campaigns & demos for NUT & No2NATO. Co-host of ResistanceTV Podcast. Co-producer of No2NATO Broadcasts.


I have worked within the Labour and Trade Union movement all my working life. The first union I joined was the National Union of School Students at 16. I worked for Morning Star for 10 years and then the Public and Commercial Services Union for 23 years. Joining the WPB a year ago has re-energised my commitment and enthusiasm to the Labour movement. As such I have been a regular contributor to the Party’s website, writing articles both foreign and domestic on issues such as the TUC’s support of the Ukrainian war, Starmer’s refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, Labour’s New Deal, Net Zero to name a few.


Member of YCL CPGB  in fifties, local CND sec in sixties, active in Committee of 100 civil disobedience , anti Vietnamese War , anti Iraq war, Labour member from 80s, Treasurer Ladbroke Grove ward North Kensington  CLP , Chair Lemington ward Newcastle North CLP  in 90s active in Newcastle branch Unemployed Action Group in NE, Promoting Worker’s coops in Ashington Northumberland, editor of Labour and Trade Union review which later became  Labour Affairs. Active in Campaign for Labour Representation in Northern Ireland, Respect member active in George Galloway’s election campaign in Bethnal Green and Bow, rejoined LP to support Jeremy Corbyn. PSC member. Unite member.


I am a founder member of the Workers Party and the party Treasurer. I have been active in the socialist movement since my youth. I was first elected to the National Members Council in 2019. I help with the graphic design and publications of the party.


My first experience of political activism was in my late teens and early twenties as a member of the UK branch of the African People’s Socialist Party, based in Islington, London. After a short stint as an active Labour Party member in 2019, I have been a member of the Worker’s Party since March and have made numerous contributions as a writer for the party website. I have been a teacher for twenty years and have experience of working in a range of educational settings in the UK. I also spent five years teaching in China and have presented on my pedagogical practice at the International Coalition of Girls Schools in Boston, Massachusetts. I have been an NEU workplace rep in many schools that I have worked in.


I am a founder member of the Workers Party. I have recently left my work in a ceramics factory where I was the GMB rep. I am a delegate to the local trades council and was the GMB young persons rep in my branch.


I’ve been a member of the Workers Party since February 2020, an active member of its media team since then as well as a member of the NMC. I was secretary for Scotland throughout Covid, spent a year organising the Bristol branch, worked on the Batley and Spen campaign from start to finish, and am currently an active member of the Birmingham branch.


I am a committed socialist and political activist, and also a member of the community union ACORN. I previously served as membership officer for ACORN’s Brighton branch. I first got active with the Workers Party campaigning for George Galloway throughout the 2021 Batley and Spen by-election. I have since taken on other roles and responsibilities for the party, from serving as the organisational lead for our London group, to being appointed as the secretary of the operations committee, which assists the General Secretary in carrying out day-to-day operations for the party nationally.


I am a socialist, a strong advocate for the Palestine people, and against imperialist wars.
I am an assistant secretary for the Workers Party, leading the social media output for the party.


Tim Pendry has had a long history of active support for the Left, most notably as Co-ordinator of the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance inside Labour in the mid-1990s. This ensured the only major defeat for Blairism in the Labour Party with a Left slate that gained a majority in the NEC’s constituency section. Tim helped ensure the refinancing of Tribune by the trade unions, was instrumental in developing a number of left-wing think tanks and supported several leading figures of the Left during litigation crises. He was a founder of the British Syrian Society prior to the Civil War. He has long experience in Middle Eastern and international affairs. He is the author of the Discussion Notes on the No2NATO Telegram Channel and recently contributed discussion material on migration and Net Zero policies for the Party.


I was elected to the National members Council of the Workers Party in 2019 at the Founding Conference. I was in effect the party full timer for three years and have been an active socialist campaigner since I was a teenager. I am currently, along with George one of the Nominating Officers for the party. I am a member of Unite the Union.


I am active in the media team and I am responsible for despatching orders made on the party shop to customers and new members. I joined the Workers Party in 2020 after previously being a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. I’m a public sector worker and a member of Unite the Union.


I have been a member of the Workers Party of Britain since the beginning of 2020 and have been a life-long socialist. I was fortunate enough to have been inspired as a youth by family members who fought the for the working class both literally and figuratively and as such have been politically engaged since the 1990s. I’ve been especially active on the international front, promoting equality, fighting NATO and imperialism in Greece, South Africa, The former Yugoslavia and China as well as domestically. As of 2023 I took up a post serving as a secretary of the Workers Party of Britain’s Anti-Imperialist Group.


I am a lifelong socialist and left the dismal Labour Party in 2019 when it became clear to me that Labour was no longer a party for the working class. I joined the Workers Party in January 2020 shortly after it was founded. Since then, I have played an active role in party campaigns, including the 2021 Batley and Spen by-election in support of our Leader, George Galloway as well as the London launch of No2NATO, one of our most important campaigns, to date. I became the West Yorkshire branch secretary shortly after joining the party and am a member of the WP social media group where I continue to contribute to the essential business of promoting the party. Having recently gained a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, I hope I can bring some fresh ideas to the table and play a useful role in future Workers Party Crusades.


I joined the Workers Party of Britain in 2021 and served as Branch Secretary of the Birmingham area after leading the organisation of the WPB contingent in the Batley and Spen by election. I am currently responsible for the Trade Union group of the Workers Party and am involved in the No 2 NATO steering committee. I am a Unite activist. I have served on the NMC since 2021.


I am a founding member of the Workers Party and I have worked for George Galloway’s campaign in West Bromwich as well as Batley and Spen. I have served as the membership and retention officer and I currently serve as the Birmingham branch secretary as well as secretary of the writer’s group. I am a professional community organiser and member of Unite.


I am a founding member and got involved in the labour movement as a teenager. I was an active member of the TGWU when I worked in industry, joined Unison when I worked for the Council and later joined Prospect and PCS. I am a member of the CIU for twenty years, and support two local clubs, I am active in the local history society and local residents groups.


Of half French/ half German descent, both my native languages. Conscientious objector to “National Service” in 1969 having seen US war against the people of Vietnam. In 1993 I joined a ML organisation in Germany. I built and ran the printing works for this organisation as a full-time cadre for 17 full years. 1989 the SWAPO Govt. of Namibia asked me to train staff and build the Namibian printing workforce & introduce the concept of trade unionism. In 1994 I was called to South Africa to support the change to a democratic press as “Head of the Nation Printing Trust” (ANC).  followed by free press projects in Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, St. Helena, Syria, and Lesotho. Returned to Europe in 2012 (Scotland) , engaged with “Resist” as Chair of the Steering Committee for approx, 2 years. I am active with Palestine Action.


Phil is a campaigner and researcher. He has led campaigns on housing issues and has stood as a candidate in local elections three times – first for Labour, the next two candidacies for Workers Party of Britain. He is also an academic specialising in narrative theory and rhetorical strategy. Previously, he worked in Jeremy Corbyn’s LOTO and has spent the past three years researching the links between the UK left and the establishment..

2. Membership and subscriptions?

Membership is set low at £5 a month – less than 15 pence a day – to minimise barriers to entry.

You can manage your subscription here.

If you’d prefer, you can download the membership form here to set up a standing order.

Do you have family members who wish to sign up too? Request Family Membership from Head Office after joining as an individual.

During the pandemic we opened up an affiliate membership scheme which we closed in 2022. If you’re an affiliate member it means we’ll keep in touch with you about party news and meetings and speak to you about getting involved in local activities. However, affiliate members won’t be able to attend private meetings or have the right to vote or stand for election to the Members Council.

3. I am unemployed/retired, can I join the Workers Party?

The Workers Party is here to represent the working class. Unemployed workers, retired workers, disabled workers are all very welcome to join.

If you need to earn wages to survive, and cannot live off the exploitation of others’ labour-power, you are a member of the working class. If you are unable to work because of a disability, you are a member of the working class.

If you live and work in Britain, no matter where you are from, you are a member of the British working class.

4. How do our branches organise?

The Workers Party has a Handbook for Branch secretaries and others with information on how we organise.

5. How about standing for elections?

The Workers Party has a candidate selection process recorded in our rule book and overseen by head office. We also publish this Guidance for Candidates.