Meet our candidates: Zane Carpenter, Altofts and Whitwood

Zane Carpenter, Workers Party candidate for Altofts and Whitwood

“My name is Zane Carpenter, I have lived in the Normanton/Altofts area for 50 years since moving here at the age of 13. 

In the time I’ve lived here I’ve seen many changes, the mining, rail and agriculture industries that our area were built on have been smashed beyond all recognition and there is no longer a pit in our area, One railway branch line runs through it but the Altofts station is long closed.  Any land that is still used for agriculture is owned by giant companies and worked by a handful of technicians if at all.  Our beautiful green space, of which there was much 50 years ago, is all but gone, much of it under the sprawling and poisonous Welbeck Toxic Tip that Wakefield Metropolitan District Council have renewed licences for.

WMDC say that they invest time, money and resources into all parts of the District but the question has to be where?  Social amenities and places of public entertainment have been destroyed and the number of parks, libraries, pubs and clubs are seriously shrinking, Normanton and Altofts doesn’t even have a single public toilet to boast of between them these days! 

The Workers Party of Britain is small but with your help it will grow.  Give us a vote, read our ten-point programme for workers, come and join us.  If you want change, and you think that our ten-point programme is the sort of change you want, then the chance of change is in your hands, working-class unity and strength will be sorely needed in the days to come.”