Meet our candidates: Venura Illangamudalige, Camberley West

Venura Illangamudalige, Workers Party candidate for Camberley West

“Having lived, worked and raised my young family in Camberley, I’m proud to say that I know this area like the back of my hand.

As a father of two primary school aged children I strongly believe that our children and families deserve to have access to good education, libraries, and well managed and safe roads, pavements and green spaces. Under successive Labour and Tory governments this has not happened.

I am standing on behalf of the Workers Party of Britain because I believe that our party is the only one that will uncompromisingly represent the interests of residents here. Our party will put this community and all its people first by working towards equality and equity for all.

With Labour now moving to the right under Keir Starmer, the Workers Party is now the only party that stands for socialist values that prioritise community, employment, education, environment, and good mental and physical health for all.”