Meet our candidates: Tess Delaney, Senedd, South Wales Central

“I had no desire to go into politics. My answer to our broken society, that had seen me lose my house and my business, was to try and live in a field in a cabin that I built myself. When the council evicted me from my own land, they drove me straight into the arms of the Workers Party. Once the injustice of my situation had subsided, I realised that there are no individual solutions to social problems.  

You can’t run away because there’s nowhere to hide. They will find you and force you back into a system that doesn’t work. I had joined Labour when Corbyn became leader, but soon realised the futility of that. I joined the Workers Party the week after it formed. 

The system needs the kind of change that only the Workers Party can deliver. A radical economic policy, an overhaul of monopoly capitalism and a determination to make sure that the people who keep the country running are looked after first. 

It’s not enough to squander Objective One funding on expensive projects that mean nothing. Misappropriation of funds, admin costs, feasibility studies, and all the other pen pushing that accompanies such projects leaves little left to show for virtue signalling initiatives, that someone somewhere is making big money from. 

The heart, the industry and the pride have been ripped from the valleys. People have been left as forgotten non-citizens, with no provision for their future. With each successive generation the depression grows more intense. Apathy, and anger because there are no options and no future. 

It’s time to bring Wales back to when our industries were building Britain. 

Privatisation, poor healthcare provision, cutting of services, concentration on hospitality and retail industries, in an area where there is no disposable income to support these, is futile. 

A vote for Labour in the regional lists is a wasted vote. It results in no extra allocation of seats for their party. They are votes thrown into the wind. And as Labour no longer fight for the working class, then it’s time to try the new party of the working class.  

We are the party that will fight for the jobs and services you need, and fight for you, and listen to you, and be your voice in the Senedd.  Give the Workers Party your second vote, so we can get inside those expensive halls and see what they’re up to in there, because whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t seem to be working.”