Meet our candidates: Rob Green, Sudell, Sefton

“I have lived in Sefton all my life.  I was born and raised in Bootle then moved to Maghull when I got married in 2006.  I have been a postman in the area since 2005 and my son, who was born in 2011, also goes to school in the area.   This has given me a great sense of community and a strong connection to Maghull.

I am a trade union representative and prior to joining the Workers Party, I had always voted Labour.  Under Corbyn I felt that the party had the working class needs as their priority.  However, since Keir Starmer has taken over, it has clearly gone in a different direction and I felt politically homeless with no one to vote for that shared my values.  I was drawn to the Workers Party through their dedication to meeting the needs of the working class. Their policies, which include, no increase in council tax until a corona tax of 5% is passed on individuals whose wealth is in excess of £10 million, free school meals for all children and free bus travel for children will really have a big impact on families in the area.

Being able to represent the Workers Party in the upcoming elections has given me the opportunity to fight for the local community and give them an alternative to voting either Labour or Tory, who do not represent or stand for the working class. The Workers Party will.”