Meet our candidates: John Larkin, Skelmersdale Central

“As a Bus Driver, I see just how many people are isolated by infrequent and expensive services and I also saw throughout the pandemic that NHS staff were forced to pay full fare when other areas like the Liverpool City Region had initiatives to allow NHS workers free travel. That meant that someone living in Skelmersdale working in Southport would have to pay full fare but someone living in Liverpool could travel free to Southport, for instance. To me this was a disgrace and it made me think about how bad a deal the people of Skelmersdale get. They pay more for their travel and they are now expected to foot the bill for a rise in council tax.

The Workers Party ‘Corona Tax’ campaign coupled with affordable and accessible public transport is not only a good idea but it makes great sense; not only to access more employment opportunities for workers but also for the local economy more broadly. Any recovery from COVID-19 should start with contributions from the richest people in this country, some of whom have not only made a fortune during the pandemic but have also taken advantage of taxpayers money to ring-fence their profits. All the while, there are industrial disputes taking place across the north west area as workers have no option but to take to the picket line in defence of their pay, terms and conditions. This is not acceptable treatment for those that were branded ‘heroes’ at the start of the pandemic by employers looking to take advantage.”