Meet our candidates: Joey Smith, Fratton

Joey Smith, Workers Party candidate for Fratton ward in Portsmouth

“My name’s Joey Smith and I’m the candidate for Fratton ward. I’m born and bred in Portsmouth and I’m very proud to come from this great city. 

I’m a veteran, having served in the British Army and completing operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m a father of a beautiful girl and it’s for her I want to make a difference in politics and try and make a brighter future.

I joined the Workers Party because I feel other parties on the left have lost their connection with the working class, forgetting the real issues that face ordinary people in everyday life and have chosen to put identity politics at the heart of their agendas.

I want to fight for the working class of Fratton ward by giving priority to key issues like housing. I stand for the redevelopment of Venture Tower which has stood empty since 2017 and if elected I will work to see it provide good quality homes for local working people.

I want to create a place where people can come for a proper meal at extremely cheap cost so people don’t have to rely on food banks for meals. We live in one of the world’s richest countries, people should not be starving. Portsmouth is 59th most deprived authority out of 326 national authorities. I want to try and alleviate the worst effects of the capitalist economic crisis and shield people from the savage effects of poverty.

Please vote for me on May 6th for a real change for Fratton.”