Meet our candidates: Glenn Doncaster, Aspatria

Glenn Doncaster, Workers Party candidate for Aspatria

“I am from a working class background. As a child, my parents were either on minimum wage or, not infrequently, unemployed. A born and bred Cumbrian: I grew up in a small rural village near Wigton, where I still live.

With the hope of escaping the deprived life of an unskilled worker – I enrolled in my school’s Sixth Form, with the view to going on to university to become a teacher. However, before I left; I became disillusioned and angry with the education system over the increasing privatisation measures being introduced and the immense and worsening pressure being placed on pupils and students.

I’ve come to understand that the long-established parliamentary parties do not represent the interests of ordinary British people – only of themselves, their friends and the corporate elite.

That’s why I joined the Workers Party of Britain: because it’s a party of genuine, honest, decent working class men and women who are dedicated to fighting for the needs and desires of the great majority. I am immensely proud to be amongst them, and I promise the people of Aspatria I will do everything I can to make their voices heard.”