Meet our candidates: Clare Stranack, Halewood South

“I was born and brought up in Liverpool and have lived in Knowsley with my family for the past 20 years. During this time, I have been immensely proud to work as a secondary school teacher in the city.

Frustrated and dismayed by the Labour party, which seems to have abandoned its commitment to working people, content with positioning itself as a pale imitation of the Tory party, or distracting itself with identity politics, I joined the Workers Party of Britain – a party whose sole aim is to put the interests of working people front and centre of all it does.

As a teacher, I have witnessed first hand the damaging impact of ruthless cuts to education budgets and how they have limited the opportunities for young people. More recently, the impact of Covid has put immense pressure on families who find themselves needing to subsidise the cost of their childrens’ education. Our party proposal, to introduce free school meals and free travel for all children will alleviate a crippling burden on working class families and is an essential step in helping our young people to thrive.

Working people should not be paying for the economic fallout of Covid. Hikes in council tax are totally unacceptable. We are the only party lobbying for no rise in council tax, with a one-off corona wealth tax of 5% on those with wealth in excess of £10m. This will yield £17bn – money which should be allocated to: secure and generate jobs; provide decent housing; and to ensure good social care in those areas worse hit by this pandemic and its mismanagement.

It’s what the people of Halewood South deserve.”