Meet our candidates: Chris McGrane, Crewe West

Chris McGrane, Workers Party candidate for Crewe West

“I have lived in Crewe for most of my adult life and in that time I have seen it been named everything from the Chav capital to the one of the worst places to live in the UK. 

With each government that has come and gone, be it Labour, Conservative or the liberal-conservative coalition, nothing ever seems to change for us here. It’s hard not to feel like we’ve been left behind by the main political parties.

Walking through our town centre you see local business have been forced out by unreasonable rents and lack of support from local government.  Doorways show the signs of rough sleepers yet no one seems to be able to offer real numbers of Crewe’s homeless population. 

I believe the people of Crewe deserve a better deal than what they have been given and they deserve to have their interests honestly represented and fought for.

I’m standing for the Workers party of Britain because I want jobs and industry to be brought back to Crewe and I want to see good quality, low cost housing be available to everyone who needs it.”