Meet our candidates: Ajantha Kangaha, Ashley Ward, St. Albans

“I am a teacher, by vocation, but now work in a diplomatic mission based in London. I have lived, with my family, in Ashley for over twenty years, initially as a council tenant, but now in my own home.

My experience has shown me the value and virtue of the working class, who make all wealth; and made me see that society needs to be shaped to protect and serve the working community, and to offer opportunities for all.

I have therefore worked continuously to increase the well-being of the community around me, through voluntary and support work, as a proud member of the Sri-Lankan community in Britain, and as a proud member of the British working class.

I have decided to stand in this local election because I believe that working men and women in Ashley Ward need a councillor who really represents our needs and will gives us a voice in St Albans City & District Council. The liberals, who hold our local council seat, and conservatives, with whom they jointly run the council – as they ran the national government in coalition 2010 – have completely failed to promote the interests of workers. Labour under Sir Keir Starmer add but one more group of professional career politicians whose own interests are wedded to the agenda of wealth and privilege.”