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Workers Party – Ten Point Programme

Our Ten Point Programme was adopted at our foundation in 2019. It is clear and to the point. It is supplemented by a Manifesto which you can read elsewhere on this site.

Ten Point Programme – adopted at our Foundation in 2019

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Does the working class still exist?

Who are the working class? It is the 99%. The workers are anyone who has to sell their labour power for wages. What does that mean? It means that if you have to earn wages, do jobs for money, you are a member of the working class.

Yes there are various categories, degrees, wage differentials and those who cannot work for whatever reason within that class. Yes, an engineer like Ian (right) earns a rate that is different to a locum doctor, a touring musician, a part-time barmaid, but all work for wages. We are a home for all of them. Not a home for the billionaires, the elite. And when you can no longer work for whatever reason, unless you have your feet up on a Caribbean island sipping drinks under the shade of a coconut tree, you’re still a member of the working-class, whether you are a disabled worker, or a retired worker etc.

Nearly everyone in Britain who is not in a position of power over their own destiny has to go out and earn wages or live off the ever decreasing aid available from the welfare state.

The Workers Party of Britain emerged out of the complete abandonment of the working class majority of Great Britain by Labour. Labour are Labour in name only. Labour do not represent the workers, they serve the elite, the class that does not work: the ruling class. But Labour likes to pretend it is on the side of the workers. It has stolen the name “Labour”. Labour is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


The Workers Party believes in an economy that works for the working class people, the vast majority. The workers create all the wealth in society; build the houses, man the hospitals, power the machinery, everywhere you look workers designed, planned, built, maintained or operate the things society needs, yet they do not get their full share. Private interests have run the jobs and the country down. Big private interests step and squash small private interests. The jungle law of capitalism is that the strong take from the weak. We believe in the importance of a planned economy, in a directing role for the state to ensure jobs, industry and the country works fairly. Free-market fundamentalism has gutted Britain of its industries, undermined our manufacturing and productive industries, castrating our society and adversely destabilising proud working-class traditions, culture and way of life.

Our country needs the state to guide the economic life of the country in such a way as to promote work, to respect the dignity of labour, and to serve the working people. All adults have a duty to work in a useful fashion, according to their talents and abilities, and society has an equal duty to ensure that useful employment is available to all, part-time or full-time according to the domestic, health and life constraints of the worker.

Foreign policy

We seek amity not enmity with the rest of the world. The populist Right and the major parties objectively serve imperialism. What is imperialism? Imperialism has been described by our members in their own words here. One of our members, Rob, says very well that:

Imperialism, known as the highest stage of capitalism, is
essentially a global economic system of financial domination by a handful of wealthy countries, backed up by military power.


The supporters of imperialism have tried to whip up nationalist and militarist fervour in Britain. They won’t do the fighting but they expect working class boys and girls to go into harms way, often poorly equipped and for the wrong reasons. These bloody proxy wars are waged in order to deflect attention from crises at home.  Foreign adventurism and political grandstanding have drained the country of the funds and energy required to deal with serious problems in our social and economic infrastructure, in public services and in maintaining a sense of security in our communities.

Labour and Tory alike, support imperialism. Be in no doubt. Our mission is to replace the Labour Party, not to compromise with it, in order to restore working class power and representation after four decades of neo-liberalism and militarism that have brought us closer to national collapse. If you are anxious about the cost of living and high interest rates, we will show you the link between these attacks on your standard of living and the foreign policy of successive Labour and Tory Governments.

When a ‘Labour’ Leader praises Margaret Thatcher, you know something has gone very wrong with the alleged party of the workers.  When that same ‘Labour’ Leader endorses, through inaction the bombing of a civilian population in Gaza with property damage proportionately worse than that over Cologne and Dresden and then refuses a ceasefire after thousands of deaths of children, then we are on the edge of seeing pure evil masked in your name.

But let us be clear, we are not pacifists and we are not weak-kneed liberals. The British establishment has made this country highly vulnerable to nuclear and terrorist acts and organised crime. We will increase some security expenditures especially in support of our soldiery and law enforcement.

We share the frustration many working-class women at the ridiculous intersectional ideology of radical liberals and we want a much clearer debate on Net Zero. A stop must be called to the attempt to tell us what to think and feel.

A halt must also be made to the attempt to make working people pay for subsidies for large-scale green industrialisation. We must shift the emphasis towards industrialisation through new technologies, especially healthcare technologies, that serve the people.

So, where we have a candidate, vote for the Workers Party of Britain. Where we do not have a candidate, do not vote for Labour, the Greens, the Tories or the Liberal Democrats.

We are a democratic, accountable and transparent Party that involves its members in policy formation. We are your Party.

Socialism and socialist history

The Workers Party is a socialist organisation. We stand on principles and will not give these up, one by one, in the misplaced hope of a truce with our enemy.

The Workers Party stands with all those that have attempted to break free of imperialist domination and build a different kind of world. We defend the achievements of the USSR, China, Cuba etc, not least the debt owed by humanity to the Soviet Union and Red Army in their war of liberation against German fascism. Our finest hour as a nation was when we stood side by side with Soviet Russia and defeated German Nazism.

We categorically reject the attempt by the ruling class, its paid agents and the EU imperialist bloc to rewrite history so as to equate the Soviet Union with Hitlerite Germany. We shall defend the positive historical legacy of the Soviet Union as well as all those today who struggle for socialism; for an alternative world order.

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