Ukraine and the origins of the Special Military Operation (2nd edition) [SOLD OUT]


UPDATE 13 JUNE: Second Edition published


This modest pamphlet of 44 pages at £4.99 (inc. P&P) puts before the reader facts of which every person in Britain today should be made aware.


It is felt that we are at a turning point in history. We are witnessing great changes in the world. On 25 February 2023, at the Bolivar Hall in Fitzrovia, London, the opening Conference of No 2 Nato was held. It was addressed by leading anti-imperialists and others brave or wise enough to speak out against the danger of another world war. George Galloway, the leader of the Workers Party of Britain, gave the opening address, made three speeches and chaired proceedings. His speech to the second session of the Conference is reproduced in this pamphlet. In it George succinctly summarises the momentous events unfolding about us.


Following this speech we are pleased to reproduce for readers, by kind permission of the author and the editors of Irish Political Review (where it was first published), an expertly written, concise history of the origins of the conflict in Ukraine by Dr Pat Walsh. It is the hope of the publishers that this broad outline will help to educate those in the labour movement still misled by propaganda which claims that this conflict has its origins in the Special Military Operation launched by Russia in February 2022. The origins of this war are in fact to be found in the aggressive designs of imperialism stretching back many years.


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