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Ukraine War: the progress of the Special Military Operation comes in at 48 pages for just £4.99 (inc. P&P).


This pamphlet updates readers with two recent pieces of analysis. The first part follows on from the themes developed earlier this year by Dr Pat Walsh and published in our pamphlet Ukraine War: the origins of the SMO. Dr Walsh summarises the overall progress of the war to date, surveys the impact on the Ukrainian state and the influence it is having on the national development of the country. Dr Walsh then considers the impact the war is having on the United States, the pressures on US imperialism and the Biden administration and considers how this might impact on the decisions that are being taken right now and which may threaten the very survival of Europe.


The second half is a must-read for any labour movement or peace activist. Dr Phil Bevin exposes, by way of verifiable and public domain information, the ongoing relationships linking the fake Left and imperialism. How can it be that those who espouse to be socialists, anarchists or even communists have ended up fighting cheek by jowl with Neo Nazis in Ukraine? Well, in this concise essay Phil demonstrates some of the links between these fake left groups and the imperialist intelligence services, where young would-be Leftists can be deployed into the same field of combat operations as the British special forces.


The middle section is given to a full colour display of photographs from the Donbas taken by photo journalist Dean O’Brien, who has also supplied the title image.

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