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NHS privatisation cartoon by Rob Amos

NHS at 72; reverse the devastation of privatisation

britworkerJul 3, 20205 min read

The Workers Party of Britain supports the NHS anniversary events that have been organised by NHS campaign groups across the country this weekend (see below for leaflet and details). Download and print our leaflet to take along to your local…

Swissport is to axe 4,500 jobs

Workers Party of Britain denounces job cuts at Swissport

britworkerJul 1, 20202 min read

The Workers Party of Britain denounces Swissport’s plan to cut more than half its UK workforce, slashing 4,556 of its roughly 8,500 jobs and putting corporate profits over the livelihood of its employees. When it comes to a choice between…


Workers Party of Britain calls for Bentley to save all jobs

britworkerJun 20, 20202 min read

The Workers Party of Britain believes that Bentley, the luxury car manufacturer based in Crewe, should cancel its attempts to chase 1,000 workers out the door. Bentley has written to each of its 4,000 workers with a ‘voluntary release’ package…


Workers Party of Britain stands with Rolls Royce workers

britworkerJun 18, 20201 min read

The Workers Party of Britain is utterly opposed to the scheming of Rolls Royce, which, having secured government cash to put over 4,000 of its British employees on furlough, now plans to dump 3,375 of its workforce in east Derbyshire and Renfrewshire.…

Slide projected onto the Houses of Parliament reads: British Airways, stop betraying Britain

Workers Party of Britain condemns British Airways management

britworkerJun 16, 20202 min read

Plans to fire all 42,000 workers and rehire 30,000 of them under new contracts with huge pay cuts have led to a report by the House of Commons Transport Select Committee branding British Airways a “national disgrace”. The committee pointed out…


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