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By-election campaigning underway

The Workers Party is standing in the Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath East by-election on October 6th. Our candidate is Phil Bevin who worked in Jeremy Corbyn’s office before the 2019 general election. Phil is a passionate housing campaigner, trade unionist and socialist. The Ward is a typical inner-city area in Labour run Birmingham city council,Continue reading “By-election campaigning underway”

Brighton TUC fringe meeting draws near…

At the TUC Conference in Brighton this September, all the real talk will be happening on the fringe. From 7pm on the evening of Monday 12 September, the Workers Party will be offering three great speakers for the bargain price of £4.89.

Members Voice: Don’t Pay UK smeared me as an anti-semite!

Workers Party member Dr Phil Bevin argues we shouldn’t be putting our trust in the Don’t Pay UK campaign – and he’s certainly got a story to tell. It’s a tale of intrigue – Zionist intimidation, lurid smears and threats, and the slippery figures behind the Corbynista movement….a heady brew indeed! Needless to say, theContinue reading “Members Voice: Don’t Pay UK smeared me as an anti-semite!”


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