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‘Protect our NHS’ while Labour and Tories sell it to the highest bidder!

Up to 100,000 NHS workers are facing the sack for failing to be vaccinated against covid-19 by the April deadline. We are being told that it is necessary for frontline NHS staff to take the vaccine to protect the health of their patients, this argument raises within it a few contradictions: The vaccine does notContinue reading “‘Protect our NHS’ while Labour and Tories sell it to the highest bidder!”

Support the Clarks strikers!

The Workers Party of Britain denounces the Clarks shoe company for its threat to “fire and rehire” workers at its Westway warehouse in Street, and commends the workers for their decision to resist, going out on strike since 4 October in defence of their pay, working conditions and livelihoods. Even before the pandemic the company’sContinue reading “Support the Clarks strikers!”


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