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Victory to the Glasgow strikers!

The Workers Party of Britain congratulates the rail workers, bin men, dinner ladies and janitors who have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action during the COP26 climate crisis talks in Glasgow, and calls on bosses to stop dragging their feet over long standing grievances over pay and conditions. Confronted by the obduracy of management, these workersContinue reading “Victory to the Glasgow strikers!”

Tesco workers dig in their heels

The Workers Party of Britain celebrates the refusal of Tesco lorry drivers and warehouse staff to accept an insulting below-inflation pay offer from management. The workers so far taking this stand are based at four Tesco distribution centres: Belfast, Didcot, Doncaster and Thurrock. Tesco, which last year made a profit of over £3 billion, isContinue reading “Tesco workers dig in their heels”


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