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Tomahawk steakhouse

Tomahawk: Stop scalping workers’ pay!

The Workers Party of Britain denounces the Tomahawk Steakhouse restaurant chain for trying to force its furloughed staff to lend the company 10% of their pay as an interest-free loan!

Electrical technician working at a switchboard

Stop deskilling at Hinkley Point!

The Workers Party of Britain denounces renewed plans to sneak in deskilling at Hinkley Point in Bridgewater, undermining the professional status of electricians.

London bus strikers 2021

Support the London bus strikes!

The Workers Party of Britain denounces London bus companies for using the smokescreen of the pandemic to cut drivers’ wages and supports the ongoing strike campaign.

Dundee equal pay

Justice for Dundee’s cleaners, carers and kitchen staff!

The Workers Party of Britain deplores the second-class treatment accorded to Dundee’s care workers, cleaners and catering staff, and welcomes the move by the GMB union to issue a collective grievance against the city council.


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