Party membership

Become a supporter of the Workers Party now. Active and committed supporters will be admitted to full membership.


Join us in bringing real working-class politics back to Britain.



 every week

Minimum price: £1.00 now, and £1.00 every Wednesday

First payment: 26th February 2020


Membership of the Workers Party is open to all those working in Great Britain, regardless of national origin.

Becoming a supporter is the first step towards full membership of the party. Supporters pay fees and may attend party events, including consultative conferences.

Supporters who do not wish to become active do not have to do so.

Supporters who wish to progress to full membership must become active with their local party organisation.

Full members pay membership fees, accept the party’s programme and must have been active with the party for at least six months. They have the right to vote at party congresses and make party policy.

Read more in our Programme and Rules. Supporters will receive a copy of the Programme and Rules in the post.