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Workers Party of Britain street team
Workers Party of Britain no to LTN demo
Workers Party of Britain no to LTN demo
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Our Manifesto: Britain Deserves Better

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George Galloway has announced the party will stand candidates in the general election. Do you have what it takes? Apply now to be a candidate.

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Candidates we put forward in 2024, do not have to be party members at the moment, but they will have to join.


Victory to the Filton strikers!

Nov 25, 2020
The Workers Party of Britain condemns Securitas for using the pandemic as a cynical excuse to merge emergency first responders at Airbus Filton with the general security team, a move which would both prejudice safety on the site and worsen the conditions of employment for this vital contingent of workers.

Fight the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in Birmingham

Nov 23, 2020
Birmingham city council knows how to waste public money. The Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme installed in Kings Heath is supposed to reduce the number of cars on the road, although in reality all it has done is funnel them onto fewer roads, increasing congestion and raising the emissions levels on those roads.

Support the Heathrow strikers!

Nov 18, 2020
The Workers Party of Britain denounces Heathrow management for using the pandemic as a pretext for attacking the living standards of the 4,000 workers whose jobs are crucial to the safe and efficient running of this international airport, including firefighters, baggage handlers, security workers, engineers and operational and airside workers.

Tories agree to spend an extra £170 million feeding hungry children

Nov 16, 2020
The Workers Party welcomes the government’s latest U-turn – forced by the outrage of the working class generally and the high-profile campaigning of England football star Marcus Rashford in particular – over the plight of hungry children in Britain, but we believe the state should go much further in ensuring a decent start for all Britain’s children.

Led by George Galloway, Chris Williamson, Andy Hudd and Peter Ford

George Galloway the former Labour and Respect MP has been re-elected Leader of the party at Congress 2023. He is joined by three Deputy Leaders elected by the party, they are Andy Hudd, a train driver and executive member of Aslef, Chris Williamson, former leader of Derby Council and ex-Labour MP for Derby North, and Peter Ford the former British diplomat who was Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain.

Support No 2 Nato – No 2 War

Muhammed Al-Bukhaiti Ansar Allah Political Bureau Yemen
Thomas Fazi Journalist and Writer
No 2 Nato Broadcast January 2024

“…he has a long history of being one of the biggest friends of Israel in the British parliament. And if he’s not a Mossad asset: I’m not saying he’s a Mossad asset…he wouldn’t be behaving any differently.”