Workers Party of Britain Batley team
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Workers Party of Britain no to LTN demo
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Workers Party of Britain no to LTN demo
Workers Party of Britain Batley team
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Support the Woolpit drivers!

Jul 5, 2020
The Workers Party of Britain denounces Goldstar Transport for using the current health emergency as a pretext for closing down its depot at Woolpit, Suffolk, and attacking the terms and conditions of its drivers.
No annexation; Free Palestine!

No annexation; Free Palestine!

Jul 3, 2020
The Workers Party of Britain stands with the Palestinian people who are resisting the imposition of Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’, a deal cooked up by the Israelis and foisted upon the Palestinians.
The end of Project Corbyn

The end of Project Corbyn

Apr 4, 2020
Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign of 2015 was a miracle to behold. He surfed a wave he was himself generating which in turn built the wave ever higher. And he swept his centrist opponents away in a landslide victory. How, then, did it all go so wrong in just a few years?

NEXT MEETING: No2Nato launch in Scotland Monday 3 April 7pm

Register for event details on Eventbrite:

Full video with timestamps from February 25 launch meeting

“Our real enemy is at home” is how George Galloway, leader of the Workers Party, summed up our situation in Britain.

George Galloway, leader of the Workers Party GB, and Chris Williamson of the Socialist Labour Party have launched a new anti-imperialist unity organisation.

Despite attempts to stop our meeting going ahead, our party helped to ensure three separate meetings were held in London on Saturday 25th February, and we gave our support for a fourth meeting held in Glasgow.

The London meetings adopted the following resolution to found the new anti-imperialist unity organisation No2Nato. Hundreds joined on the spot and online registration is open:

“This gathering in London on February 25 2023 resolves:

To establish in the UK and Ireland a No2Nato campaigning organisation to carry the fight against imperialist wars to the widest possible audience.

To appoint an interim leadership of George Galloway Chris Williamson and Andy Hudd to direct the organisation’s work until a wider leadership can be elected.

To encourage throughout the world all efforts of similar organisations and to Co-ordinate with them in global action.”

No 2 Nato Conference, London, 25 February 2023

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Tory disgrace over lockdowns

George Galloway is the leader of the Workers GB

Corona tax crown stamp image

Corona wealth tax: a 5% one-off tax on fortunes exceeding £10m