Workers Party of Britain Batley team
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Workers Party of Britain no to LTN demo
Workers Party of Britain Batley team
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No2Nato Conference

Due to the intense pressure put on our previous venues, and the attempted sabotage of our e-ticketing process with Eventbrite, we urge you to come early and wait for the announcement of the venue the day before.

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Huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Our event has generated a huge amount of interest, some malicious but most supportive, and we expect it to be packed out. Your support helps pay for the safe running of the event – and ensures a professionally produced recording is seen by hundreds of thousands of people after the meeting finishes. Our voice will be heard: No2 Nato No2War!

Please donate to the appeal on Crowdfunder:

The UK is the second biggest contributor to Nato. Last year we paid £60 BILLION towards it. For what? We believe Britain would be safer and wealthier outside of Nato.

Socialism the alternative to war

Chris Williamson is a speaker on 25 February #No2Nato

Corona tax crown stamp image

Corona wealth tax: a 5% one-off tax on fortunes exceeding £10m