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Say no to ADL lay-offs!

britworkerAug 25, 20202 min read

The Workers Party of Britain denounces plans by Britain’s biggest bus and coach builder to wipe out 650 jobs at its sites in Guildford, Falkirk and Scarborough, with the complete closure of the Guildford works. ADL (Alexander Dennis), steered by…


Manchester bus drivers stand firm

britworkerAug 25, 20201 min read

The Workers Party of Britain denounces the attempt by bosses at the Go North West bus company in Manchester to take advantage of the pandemic to impose inferior pay and conditions on about 500 drivers, potentially reducing their wages by…

British Airways strike placards read 'Low pay no way'

Support the BA strike call!

britworkerAug 24, 20201 min read

The Workers Party of Britain salutes the decision by BA workers to take strike action in defence of their jobs, wages, conditions and redundancy agreements. Management have seized on the pretext of the health emergency to push through pre-existing plans…

Clapping doesn't pay our bills - pay up now


britworkerAug 18, 20202 min read

The Workers Party of Britain is proudly supporting Unison’s Pay Up Now campaign as thousands of workers take to the streets across Scotland. Unison is calling on the Scottish government to reopen the NHS’s three-year pay deal, and to discuss…


After the Applause … it’s time to pay up – report from Glasgow

britworkerAug 9, 20201 min read

On Friday 7 August at 2.00pm, key workers from the GMB union in Glasgow took part in an After the Applause demonstration, and the Workers Party of Britain were there in support. They met on Buchanan Street, where speeches were…


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