George Galloway for Rochdale

The leader of the Workers Party, George Galloway will seek to be the new MP for Rochdale in the by-election scheduled to take place on February 29th.

In a post by the family of the late Tony Lloyd on twitter the family announced the date.

The Workers Party will be calling on all members and friends to come and help us.

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If you want to volunteer to help canvas – please complete THIS FORM. Alternatively please email

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8 thoughts on “George Galloway for Rochdale

  1. Go George we need to send Starmer a clear message that leadership is about leading the world not following the Zionists around.

  2. I really do hope that you get elected from small seeds can mighty forests grow. Good luck to you and your party.

  3. Mr. Galloway. I am following you from last 10 years at least. Always saw you speaking against the wars and crime. From Iraq war to the current Gaza genocide. We want peace in the world, all wars should stop. Out Tax money is used to fuel these wars. Our vote for you is a vote for Peace and a message for labour party.

  4. Iv always support George especially when he wen in front of the terrorist America sennet and absalute let loose and showed them their war crimes and their stealing of billions of iraqi wealth and how they have no leg to stand on when it comes to anything war or peace and his continuous support of the people of palistine ?? but we must also not forget another occupation struggle in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. May God bless you and your family and may you be a breath of fresh air to Rochdale. InShaAllah. (God Willing)

  5. Dear George, I have made a YouTube Video using your phrase “No where to run, no where to hide” to raise Awareness, foster Communication, and effect Change (your ELECTION is one example). Please go to YouTube and search “May the Stars Collide” and use it as you deem fit. Thank you for all you have done and are doing and will do.

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