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George Galloway elected MP for Rochdale

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George Galloway elected MP for Rochdale

Rochdale – some history

Our Campaign

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Rochdale was a comfortable Labour seat, with a majority of almost 10,000. There is no doubt that the Workers Party campaign has terrified Starmer. Although Labour’s name is muddied across the Rochdale community for many reasons, Rochdale has not had the chance to vote for a candidate who has been as unapologetic and consistent in his support for Palestine as George Galloway. Voters can now use their vote to punish the Labour Party for its backing of Israel.

Keir Starmer threw Labour into chaos following the party’s withdrawal of Rochdale candidate Azhar Ali. It was clear early on that the Workers Party campaign had traction.

Although it is too late to take his name off the ballot paper, Ali has been suspended from the party for comments he made relating to Israel.

Labour canvassers were told immediately to down tools, however Labour leaflets with Ali’s face on them were still being dropped through Rochdale residents’ doors for a time after.

Don’t believe the Press

Don’t believe the Press

Don’t believe the Press, this has been a great campaign.

The Press say its been divisive, in fact its been peaceful. The press say its only about Gaza, but we’ve campaigned hard on:

  • our campaign to return a maternity ward to Rochdale
  • our campaign to reopen the indoor market
  • our work to organise a consortium to save Rochdale FC
  • our plan to clean up the Town Hall

Next Steps

A huge thank you to all those members coming to Rochdale to help out.

Please come over to HQ from 10.00 am anytime, or call us on 0333 33 55 782.

Huge thanks to ALL of you who have contributed to our fundraiser. We are clearing the £19,000 mark but aiming for £22,000.

All donations, large or small, are vital to our campaign in the #RochdaleByElection please do give if you can if you’re in GB or NI.

With just days to go, every penny counts, as all our activists give it a final push on the ground:

Get involved – join our campaign

If you want to volunteer to help canvas – please complete THIS FORM. Alternatively please email

And Please DONATE to our Crowdfunder

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17 thoughts on “George Galloway elected MP for Rochdale

  1. Go George we need to send Starmer a clear message that leadership is about leading the world not following the Zionists around.

  2. I really do hope that you get elected from small seeds can mighty forests grow. Good luck to you and your party.

  3. Mr. Galloway. I am following you from last 10 years at least. Always saw you speaking against the wars and crime. From Iraq war to the current Gaza genocide. We want peace in the world, all wars should stop. Out Tax money is used to fuel these wars. Our vote for you is a vote for Peace and a message for labour party.

  4. Iv always support George especially when he wen in front of the terrorist America sennet and absalute let loose and showed them their war crimes and their stealing of billions of iraqi wealth and how they have no leg to stand on when it comes to anything war or peace and his continuous support of the people of palistine ?? but we must also not forget another occupation struggle in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. May God bless you and your family and may you be a breath of fresh air to Rochdale. InShaAllah. (God Willing)

  5. Dear George, I have made a YouTube Video using your phrase “No where to run, no where to hide” to raise Awareness, foster Communication, and effect Change (your ELECTION is one example). Please go to YouTube and search “May the Stars Collide” and use it as you deem fit. Thank you for all you have done and are doing and will do.

  6. Hi George, greetings from a fellow Scot. Like you, I am horrified at what is happening in Gaza. There is a fact never mentioned in the media probably because it would change many people’s perception of the war. According to a UN report of 2019, there is an estimated 3 billion barrels of oil in Palestine’s occupied land and offshore. That is a lot of oil. It has never been exploited due to the tensions in the region. There is also gas. Israel has gas but has to import its oil. Is the war a ploy to get their hands on Palestine’s oil? I could shout this from the rooftops and no-one would listen. But you…?

  7. This party is exactly what this country needs, the tories have lied and we’ve only just found out we’re in a recession, still reeling from brexit. We need change and we need it now, and that’s with the average white British person in mind, starmer and sunak both bow and answer to Netanyahu, is that what made this country great? Bowing and throwing our British values aside because we’re scared of being called anti Semitic? To be against the bombing of children does not make you anti Semitic it makes you human, and those who use the torture of the Jewish people in the holocaust to wage this genocide and put populations in concentration camps it is absolutely disgusting and those Jews now would be turning in their graves, seeing their grandchildren treating the old Palestinian man as the nazis treated the old Jewish man.

  8. I’m a lapsed member of the Labour Party.
    Good luck to George Galloway.
    George Galloway speaks the truth.
    This is the opportunity to expose the lies and chicanery that lie at the heart of today’s Labour Party.

  9. A stunning win in the Rochdale By Election. However I dont see any policy statement on the European Union or the desecration known as Brexit. It would be good to see reference to that.
    Being pro Palestinian is not Anti-Semitic, Palestinians are also offspring of Noahs son Shem & are therefore Semites too.

  10. I would like to stand as a candidate for Merthyr Tydfil. Wales. All your views alighn with mine. Just joined the party and believe that the workers party is the way forward.

  11. Great stuff George and all of those in the Workers Party of Britain who have finally got the message through to our working (and probably working class) majority. Since I cancelled my Labour Party membership, when Blair became leader, I’ve felt totally disenfranchised with main stream politics. It’s taken the genocide in Gaza for people to wake up and realise what most politicians are about. The “status quo” has got this country into a complete mess, so it’s time for change. I’m in!!

  12. Well done George. To many people have no idea how hard you fight for the important things. Keith Stampy will be judged for his support towards Israel. The first thing on yougov survey today is ‘Do you have a favourable or unfavourable opinion of George Galloway?’! You clearly have rattled a lot of tory cages. Well done

  13. Congratulations! Please let this be the beginning of a charge for a long-overdue and much-needed change. Two party capitalist democracy died years ago but the puppets kept resurrecting the corpse. Let the bones rot in the mire of 20th century greed. And please never refer to the “authorities”. They are the police, town hall, Parliament, tax office, etc. Give them their names. This word “authorities” is part of the Gauleiters’ conditioning vocabulary… the Gauleiters installed by the WEF under the guise of democratically elected Prime Ministers. Who elected Sunak? They are Gauleiters. Go make a difference!

  14. At general election time there’s never a real alternative to the 2 party system – it’s just like turning the other cheek. Always felt GG should be in the tent p ing out than p ing on from the outside! So what are the prospects for The BWP (bit of a mouthful) for the forthcoming showdown? Will there be reps to root for? Hope so.

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