Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Workers Party organised?

The Workers Party has a National Members Council (NMC) that was elected at our Founding Congress in December 2019. This Council is made up of elected and co-opted members and is our leadership body. The Council meets regularly. The party has three officers, a Leader, Deputy Leader and General Secretary, with the Head Office located in Birmingham. Currently there is a vacancy for Deputy Leader.

The Head Office runs the day-to-day affairs of the party. National, Regional and District Secretaries are appointed by the NMC or Head Office. Our party is in a period of growth and development, and as such many of our structures and branches are in the process of formation. The base organisations are local branches or work groups (Media Team, Trade Union Group, Elections etc).

2. How is the Workers Party different from other parties?

The Workers Party has been formed in opposition to the British Labour party, which no longer represents the British working class, and from its inception sought to reconcile the interests of the British working class to those of the British ruling class.

The Workers Party is opposed to the myriad of ‘socialist’ parties in the UK, the majority of which are from the Trotskyist tendency, practice entryism inside the Labour party, and are in open hostility to all countries that attempt to build socialism.

3. I was a remain voter in the 2016 referendum, can I join the party?

Yes, our party was founded partly as a response to the failure of the left to provide and articulate a left Brexit position.

Not everybody in the party is going to agree on Brexit, but it is a done deal. We can accept you may have adopted a position of remain; the question is whether you can accept our position, as one that is subordinate to the overall question of working for socialism in Britain.

If so, you are very welcome to join.

4. Membership and subscriptions?

Membership is set low at £5 a month – less than 15 pence a day – to minimise barriers to entry.

You can manage your subscription here.

If you’d prefer, you can download the membership form here to set up a standing order.

Do you have family members who wish to sign up too? Request Family Membership from Head Office after joining as an individual.

During the pandemic we opened up an affiliate membership scheme which we closed in 2022. If you’re an affiliate member it means we’ll keep in touch with you about party news and meetings and speak to you about getting involved in local activities. However, affiliate members won’t be able to attend private meetings or have the right to vote or stand for election to the Members Council.

5. I am unemployed/retired, can I join the Workers Party?

The Workers Party is here to represent the working class. Unemployed workers, retired workers, disabled workers are all very welcome to join.

If you need to earn wages to survive, and cannot live off the exploitation of others’ labour-power, you are a member of the working class. If you are unable to work because of a disability, you are a member of the working class.

If you live and work in Britain, no matter where you are from, you are a member of the British working class.