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Liverpool rally: A socialist future after Labour

14 March @ 1:00 pm-4:00 pm

A socialist future after Labour

Introduction and Q&A with George Galloway. All welcome.

Entrance is free. Register for a place via eventbrite.


Unfortunately for all those who had pinned their hopes on the possibility that meaningful change might be delivered for the working class via a Labour government with Jeremy Corbyn at its head, Corbyn tried to pacify those who came after him, giving ground continually when he should have stood firm.

But no concession could ever be enough for the witch-hunt. As one after another of his supposed allies abandoned him, Corbyn threw his principles and his remaining friends under the bus – but all to no purpose. When he finally allowed Labour to become an anti-Brexit party, he sealed his electoral and political fate.

For a whole section of the working class, this was the last straw. They have had it with the Labour party for good, and it is highly unlikely that they will ever go back. But these people have not had it with socialism – they can and they must be won to real working-class politics.

Meanwhile, Labour has become a liberal party in form and content, endlessly fetishising over diversionary and divisive identity politics. Its members and support base are overwhelmingly from the privileged sections of the working class – overentitled, narrow, and totally condescending in their attitude towards the masses.

We all have our separate identities and we bear no ill will towards anyone; we welcome all workers without prejudice. But the identity that can unite us all and can change the country, can change the world, is our class identity – and that’s what we stand for and will fight for.

Come and join George Galloway as we discuss this, and much more.

Entrance is free. Register for a place via eventbrite.


Workers Party of Britain


The Black-E
1 George Street
Liverpool, L1 5EW United Kingdom
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