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Day Conference 1st July – Rebuild British Industry

The Workers Party held a Day Conference on 1st July to discuss the future of British industry.

The meeting was the latest in our programme of day conferences for party members to discuss important political questions, our Ten Point Programme and a chance to meet and socialise with members from around the country.

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Read or download our pre-conference discussion below:

We had two agreed keynote speakers for our conference.  Andy Hudd, Aslef Vice President spoke on the challenge of automation and AI faced by trade unionists. Professor Chris Winch, editor of Labour Affairs, spoke on the importance of vocational education for rebuilding British industry.

Contributions to July 1st pre-Conference discussion

Terry McCormick, Report from Conference I’m Lucky

Tony Richetti, engineer – the merits of vocational education

Peter Ford, former Ambassador – stop manufacturing crisis

Jurgen Wolf, printer – the relationship between capitalism and innovation

Jurgen Wolf, printer – does automation benefit workers under capitalism?

Chris Murphy, teacher – EU has undermined our industry

Nina G, teacher – What does the humble car wash have to teach us?

Paul Scrivens, Ford worker – Outsourcing production is a fundamental problem

Jesse Winney, Union worker – can Britain benefit from renewable energy products?

Nina G, teacher – Education: A tale of two children

Andrew Wright, retired – Herrings and Potatoes

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