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Statement on Stratford

We have been informed by members of the Bangladeshi community in Stratford and Bow that the Independent candidate Nizam Ali, standing against our candidate Halima Khan is spreading misinformation in his campaign.

He is allegedly telling the community that he is ‘the candidate endorsed by George Galloway.’

Nizam Ali was a member of the Workers Party but has placed himself outside our ranks for standing against our candidate Halima Khan.

George Galloway has been consistently clear that Halima Khan is the official Workers Party candidate and was present at her launch on 17th June 2024 in Newham and at the Rally For Justice last night in Tower Hamlets.

We trust the community to support the candidate who was been consistent in her message for truth and justice, and we urge the community to come forward with any further evidence of Nizam Ali’s deceitful comments.

We reiterate our support for Halima Khan as the Workers Party candidate and the strongest candidate to unseat Labour, endorsed by Tower Hamlets Community Coalition and Newham Independents.


Andy Hudd, Deputy Leader WPB

Hoz Shafei, GE24 National Coordinator

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  1. I hope you will get alot of members Electet, in the new parlament. Nice to hear your speaks, I wish you all a powerfull elecction

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