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Rally in East London

WPB Candidate Hallima Khan, party leader George Galloway, and WPB Gen Election Press Officer Akunjee.

A large Workers party rally in east London tonight issued its vocal disgust and contempt for Keir Starmer following his attack on British Bangladeshi workers. George Galloway spoke last, after a rousing speech by candidate Hallima Khan.

Speaking at the rally George Galloway, leader of the Workers Party explained why Keir Starmer took the seemingly destructive decision to attack Bangladeshi workers.

“He was determined to chase Nigel Farage down the drain and into the sewer of racist politics… it wasn’t clumsy, he didn’t mis-speak, he mentioned the country four times that doesn’t have a single person waiting for deportation. . . This was a deliberate targeting of the Bangladeshi people… maybe he thought the Bangladeshi people are so peaceful they would take it on the chin. Next Thursday you have to vote Labour out of everywhere right across the east end!!”

One thought on “Rally in East London

  1. It’s now time for the Asian and Arab community across the UK along with right thinking people to vote these racist islamiphobic politicians out of the country, they’ve taken bribes &other inducements and are no friends of the honest community

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