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Billboard Campaign

The Workers Party has launched a billboard campaign in various locations across the country. Our party has used the elections to conduct wide scale political education on a range of topics, some are necessary for us to garner media attention, others are at the very core of what we are about.

If you’re near any of these locations, send us a selfie ?

London both D48 141 Ealing Road, Wembley & D48 159 Leytonstone Road

Liverpool: D48 at Strand Road

Manchester D48 Chancellor Lane (A655) & D48 at 500 Chester Road (A5014), Westbound & D48 Hulme Road to Etihad Stadium (A6010)

Rochdale D48 Water Street, Westbound & D48 Water Street, Eastbound

Blackburn: D48 80 Whalley Banks (A674)

Bradford: D48 465 Rooley Lane (A6177) Eastbound –

Newcastle: D48 Marconi Way (A1), Newcastle

Watford, Bushey Station

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