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Labour’s Manifesto: A Betrayal of Working-Class Britain

Labour’s 2024 Manifesto: A Betrayal of Working-Class Britain

The Workers Party of Britain (WPB) has conducted a thorough review of the Labour Party’s 2024 manifesto and found it severely lacking in ambition and vision for the future of the working people of Britain.

Under George Galloway’s leadership, we are resolute in our commitment to policies that genuinely address the needs and aspirations of the workers of Britain . The Labour Party, once the bastion of working people, has shown itself to be a mere shadow of its former self, peddling half-measures and neoliberal platitudes.

George Galloway, Workers Party GB Leader, stated:

“Labour’s 2024 manifesto is nothing short of a betrayal to the working people of Britain. Their proposals lack the depth and courage to tackle our country’s real issues. From wealth inequality to healthcare, housing, and foreign policy, Labour continues to offer half-measures that fail to address the root causes of our nation’s problems. The Workers Party of Great Britain stands ready with bold, transformative policies to benefit the workers. We call on all who have been let down by Labour’s empty promises to join us in building a fairer, more equitable Britain.”

Economic Policy and Wealth Redistribution

Labour’s manifesto offers nothing but lukewarm reforms that fail to tackle the root causes of wealth inequality. While they tinker with tax reforms, they shy away from implementing a substantial wealth tax on the ultra-rich. The Workers Party GB proposes a one-off wealth tax on estates over £10 million, a bold step towards redressing the obscene wealth gap that has only widened under successive Tory and Labour governments.

National Health Service (NHS)

Labour’s approach to the NHS is a betrayal. Their refusal to fully renationalise the NHS leaves it vulnerable to continued privatisation and corporate profiteering. Our commitment to fully renationalise the NHS will ensure that healthcare remains a public good, free from the grasp of private interests.

Social Policies

Labour’s pension policies are inadequate and fail to provide security for our elderly. We promise a major review of pensions to ensure adequate provision and options for early retirement. Furthermore, while Labour neglects the importance of child welfare, the Workers Party GB commits to providing free nutritious meals for all school children, addressing child poverty head-on.

Environmental and Climate Policies

Labour’s blind support for Net Zero targets and ULEZ initiatives without considering their impact on working-class families is irresponsible. We demand a Net Zero Referendum to ensure a fair debate on these issues and stand firmly against ULEZ policies that unfairly burden small businesses and low-income households.

Housing and Infrastructure

Labour’s failure to address the housing crisis is a glaring omission. Their policies fall short of tackling property speculation and the lack of social housing. Our aggressive approach to building social housing and expropriating unused land will provide real solutions to the housing crisis.

Labour’s Track Record and Internal Issues

Labour has consistently betrayed working-class interests, as evidenced by its ambiguous stance on Brexit and support for neoliberal policies. The Workers Party GB offers a clear, unwavering socialist alternative genuinely aligned with the needs of the working people .

Foreign Policy and Defence

Labour’s unwavering support for NATO is out of touch with the need for an independent foreign policy. We call for a referendum on NATO membership and advocate for new security arrangements based on mutual respect and peace. Additionally, Labour’s weak stance on international issues like Palestine highlights their lack of commitment to global justice. We stand firmly in support of Palestine and against imperialist actions.


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