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Halima Khan Launches Campaign for Stratford and Bow

18 June 2024

Workers Party GB Candidate Halima Khan Launches Campaign for Stratford and Bow

Newham, London: Yesterday, the Workers Party GB (WPB) proudly launched Halima Khan’s candidacy for the constituency of Stratford and Bow in Newham, marking a significant step forward in the fight for justice and equality. The launch event saw a resounding turnout, with over 200 members of the local community gathering to show their support for Khan.

Event Highlights and Key Attendees

The event, chaired by human rights lawyer Mr Tasnime Akunjee, known for representing the family of Shamima Begum, was a testament to the strong community backing for Khan and the pressing issues she aims to address. Among the attendees were Mehmood Mirza and Tahir Mirza, both of whom were subjected to Labour’s surveillance tactics in Newham. Their presence underscored the seriousness of the issues and the urgent need for change.

Halima Khan: A Courageous Whistleblower

Halima Khan, who formerly worked as an investigator in the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit, bravely exposed the systemic racism within the party. Her whistleblowing efforts revealed the Labour Party’s use of a dossier, which was illegally constructed by spying on BAME members in Newham, leading to the unjust suspension of the entire Newham Labour Party. During the event, a segment of Al-Jazeera’s “Labour Files” documentary was shown, highlighting the extent of racism and corruption within the Labour Party.

In her powerful address to the crowd, Khan declared, “I could no longer stand by and watch as the Labour Party, a party I once believed in, perpetuated a hierarchy of racism and injustice. The people of Newham and Tower Hamlets deserve better, and I am here to fight for them.”

Reflecting on her journey, Khan shared, “Since whistleblowing, I’ve been blackballed and silenced, as any other person who dared to whistle blow would be. I applied for the role of investigator with the hope of challenging corruption within the Labour Party, but what I encountered was mass surveillance and systemic racism.”

George Galloway’s Resounding Endorsement

George Galloway, Leader of the Workers Party GB, delivered a compelling endorsement of Khan. “None of the corruption, none of the racism, none of the Zionism, none of the Islamophobia, none of the prejudice in this Labour Party would have been uncovered but for the courage of Halima Khan,” Galloway stated. “Nobody else in this election can claim anything like her record of service and integrity, and her unwavering commitment to exposing corruption and fighting for justice makes her the ideal representative for Stratford and Bow. The Workers Party GB stands with her in this fight.”

Campaign Vision and Policy Highlights

Khan’s campaign is deeply rooted in the core values of the Workers Party GB, focusing on the redistribution of wealth and power to benefit working people. Her key campaign promises include:

  • Renationalisation of the NHS: Committing to renationalising the National Health Service fully, ensuring healthcare remains free at the point of use, and significantly investing in increasing capacity and reducing waiting times. “We must protect our NHS from privatisation and ensure it serves the people, not profits,” Khan asserted.
  • Support for Workers and Managers: Introducing legislation to support workers and managers in acquiring productive enterprises, preventing closures, and safeguarding jobs. “We will empower workers to take control of their workplaces and secure their futures,” Khan promised.
  • Education and Children’s Welfare: Guaranteeing free public travel and nutritious meals for children, ensuring every child can thrive. “No child should go hungry or be unable to access education because of financial barriers,” Khan emphasised.
  • Policing and Community Safety: Conducting a comprehensive review of policing priorities, focusing on street safety and tackling crime in local communities. “We need a policing strategy that prioritises the safety and well-being of our residents, not one that criminalises speech and thought,” Khan remarked.

Commitment to Community Engagement

Throughout the event, Khan emphasised the importance of community engagement and grassroots activism. She encouraged residents to get involved and make their voices heard. “This campaign is not just about me; it’s about all of us coming together to build a better future for Stratford and Bow,” Khan said.

George Galloway on Labour’s Failings

George Galloway also took the opportunity to criticise the Labour Party’s failings, highlighting its abandonment of the working class and its complicity in systemic racism. “The Labour Party has betrayed its roots and its supporters,” Galloway said. “It’s time for a new, genuine alternative that truly represents the interests of working people.”

Call to Action

The event concluded with a passionate call to action from both Khan and Galloway, urging the community to rally behind the Workers Party GB’s vision for a fairer, more just Britain. “Together, we can make a difference,” Khan declared. “Join us in this fight for justice, equality, and real change.”


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