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An interview with Coventry South candidate Dr Syed

The following are a selection of answers provided to the press in Coventry from Dr Syed, our candidate for Coventry South. Dr Syed is typical of many of the candidates standing for the Workers Party, an honest, straight-up working class family man.

Dr Syed

Q. Tell us about your background and connection to Coventry

My first experience of Coventry was back in the 90s when I did a Masters degree at the University of Warwick. In 2015 after my PhD study I returned to Coventry to start working at Coventry University and I have continued to live here since then, it’s now my home.

Q.. How do you like to spend your free time?

I seem to get less and less free time nowadays, but when I do have some I tend to spend it with my wife and kids, sometimes going to different places in the West Midlands, sometimes just staying indoors and enjoying their company.

Q. What are the biggest problems residents in your constituency face and why?

Coventry South has a mixture of problems which need to be addressed including: accessibility to general healthcare and mental health services; housing affordability and homelessness; poverty, job opportunities and right now as I write this, yet another round of redundancies in the university sector; school budgets and equality of opportunity for child educational attainment; the quality and accessibility of public transport; the condition of the roads (mind those potholes); like many other constituencies across the country, crime is always an issue of concern as with air quality and the protection of green spaces.

Q. How would you help tackle these problems as an MP?

The problems Coventry South experiences are not particular to the constituency, they are common issues across much of the country. A lot of these problems emanate from inappropriate central government policies and the unsuccessful implementation thereof, so you have bad policy design and bad policy implementation. I anticipate things across the country are going to get much worse before they get better. With my training in highly applied Development Economics and the Social Sciences, I intend to work with researchers, third sector organisations, the council, and community and faith groups to design and implement bottom-up community driven development interventions to both tackle Coventry’s problems as well as insulate it as much as possible from the inevitable problems arising from top-down central government policies. I want Coventry to be in a position of resilience and self-sufficiency, not to rely on others, regardless of who is in government. What do they know?

Q. What national issues are not being talked about at this election that you think are important?

One big one is Net Zero. A lot of the researchers I work with, who work on Net Zero, question the viability of achieving Net Zero targets. Whenever there is a transformational move in society towards achieving particular targets, we have to ask who will benefit and who will lose – there are always issues of where the advantages and disadvantages fall, upon whom. Only just recently have the research councils in the UK started asking this question. We need impact assessments for any major transformational move in the UK, we cannot just implement without questioning, because usually it is the already advantaged that secure the advantages and the already disadvantaged that pay the price.

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