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Candidates crowdfund to fight elections

Our party has raised nearly £50,000 since the general election was called. With no big corporate backers, this is the only way to pay for leaflets and campaign materials. Can you help our candidates? Many of our candidates are working hard to raise money for their campaigns. If you can make a donation, no matter how small, please visit one of these links:

Suneil Basu

Halima Khan

Khalid Abu

Callan Barrett

Mohammed Ramzan

Phil Lane

Phillip Colley

Tosh McDonald

Issan Ghazani

Josia Uche

Dr Guy Haywood

Paras Ghazni

Muhammad Pervez khan

Michael Stott

Khalid Mahmood

Jennifer Aalemanno

Muhammad Ali Ghori

Thomas Dudley

Dr Yasin

John Malcolm

Khalila Chaudry

Dawud Islam

Adnan Shabbir

Minhajul Suhon

Shanaz Saddique

Peter Ford

Nasri Barghouti

Waheed Akbar

George Gallowy

Aaaron Mafi

Linda Bamieh

Phil Bimpson

Taghrid Al Mawed

Dr Mian

Graham Padden

Paul Spencer

Ghulam Khan

Dino Philippos

Nada Jarche

Aroma Hassan

Elizabeth Greenwood

Golam Tipu

Rizwana Khan

James Mutimer

Nadia Klok

Chris Williamson

Hamid Shah

Aheesha Zahir (Bromsgrove), [11/06/2024 15:17]
Tayab Ali

Michael Murphy

Ali Abdulla

Thomas Dudley

Mick (Northampton south)


Ayesha Khan

Tnaya Manzoor

Aftab Hussain

Harry (Bradford South)

Chris Bradburn

David Evans

Dr Shahed

Atif Abdul

Kamran Khan

Saraj Parwani

Parham Hashemi

Raj Gill

Khalid Razzaq

Audel Shirin

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