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Hundreds of candidates issued with nomination papers

The Workers Party has been issuing hundreds of nomination papers to approved candidates up and down the country as the party comes under attack from the right wing media and their allies in Hope Not Hate.

Deputy Leader and former British Ambassador Peter Ford defended our international positions in a number of press interviews, including on GB News this last week. The spirited defense of our anti-imperialist positions and the media coverage from our unprecedented achievement in fielding so many candidates at such short notice has directly resulted in more than a hundred new membership applications over three days this week, bringing new applications for the month to over 300. The attack on our party for our stance against the Gaza genocide has also seen Hope Not Hate launch a smear campaign in an attempt to undermine our Rochdale campaign. In a post on X George Galloway said:


@ElectoralCommUK A group, presumably ironically entitled Hope Not Hate have announced weekly leaflet distribution in Rochdale accusing me of “inciting homophobia and transphobia” as well as “antisemitism”. These incendiary leaflets will likely engender hate and provide little hope for the Starmer stooge they are intended to bolster. What are the rules regarding such AIPAC-style interventions in British elections. And what will happen

@gmpolice when as is likely my constituents react negatively to outsiders from the leafy suburbs of the Thames showing up in town spreading their hate speech?

George Galloway on X (Twitter)

The snap election called by Rishi Sunak has placed huge pressure on the party machinery, and our working class candidates. Despite all difficulties we’re still issuing papers to hundreds of candidates who are busy collecting signatures and booking appointments with electoral services departments.

Thanks to our support we have raised £38,000 this last ten days. We need £100,000 this election.

In less than two weeks we’ve raised more than £38,000 as supporters rally to our Crowdfunder.

Fighting elections costs money, and we rely entirely upon our members, affiliates and supporters to meet the costs of campaigning activities. 

All donations will go to the Workers Party of Britain to help our campaigning. A full list of our candidates will be available here:

We’re required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500.

Guidance and Advice

A full list of our candidates is here:

Our Candidate Guidance pages here:

Our Election Platform is here:

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