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West Midlands candidates launched

Wolverhampton West - Vikas Chopra
Wolverhampton South East - Athar Ahmad Warraich
Stourbridge - Mohammed Ramzan
Rugby - Paul Levi Paphiti
Redditch - Mohammed Amin
Tipton and Wednesbury – Abdul Husen
Dudley - Aftab Hussein
Telford - Allan Bailey
Coventry South - Dr Mohammed Ali Syed
Aldridge-Brownhills - Hamza Muhammad Ahmed Ibrahim
Coventry East - Paul Bedson
Burton and Uttoxeter - Zahid Mahmood
Kingswinford and South Staffordshire - George Price
Nuneaton - Khalil Ahmed
Redditch - Mohammed Amin
Stafford - Allan Vernon Gray
West Bromwich - Rohim Mohammed
Birmingham Yardley - Jody McIntyre
Birmingham Hodge Hill - Mohammed Shuhel Miah
Birmingham Edgbaston - tba
Birmingham Northfield - tba
Birmingham Perry Barr - tba
Birmingham Hall Green - Shaid Aslam
Birmingham Hodge Hill - Ghulam Khan
Birmingham Ladywood - we will support Akhmed Yakoob
Birmingham Sutton Coldfield - Faiza Durrani
Bromsgrove - Aheesha Zahir

16 thoughts on “West Midlands candidates launched

    1. We need a party that will put humans before computers. Digitisation has cost thousands of human workers jobs and contributed to rapidly deteriorating mental health and well being in Britain today. Not one single political party will even talk about giving power back to us humans and reversing the mad and stupid encroachment of virtual and artificial over physical. Is the Worker’s Party of Britain that party? David, West Midlands #FreePalestine

  1. Surprised you’re running against Zarah Sultana in Cov South. Why would you do that?

      1. If you manage to remove Zara the happiest person will be Keir Starmer. She has spoken out again and again, including on Palestine. She has also faced Islamophobic abuse. I don’t know the Worker’s Party candidate, he may be very good. There are very few Labour candidate I would vote for but Zara is one.

      2. Firstly, I notice that the article is 2022. Secondly, she has spoken up for a full ceasefire and not a pause (Nov. 2023) against the wishes, no doubt, of the ‘leader’. This is the speech
        It is particularly important to have Muslim women on the left who are prepared to attend the marches and campaign in Parliament. Zara and Apsana Begum are 2 such. They get abuse, obstruction and, on a good day, just no support.

  2. Hopefully you can get a good candidate to contest the Perry Barr ward as existing candidates and mp should resign.

  3. Will the Rugby candidate be campaigning? Would be great to see and talk to Paul Paphiti?

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