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Father and daughter fight together in Nottingham

Issan and Paras Ghazni, father and daughter, will fight the general election for the Workers Party in Nottingham East and South respectively.

The Workers Party branch in Nottingham is out on Saturday, as it is every week, taking part in demonstrations in support of Palestine. Our members will be assembling on forest grounds at 11:30 at the pavilion.

Other candidates in the East Midlands

Derby South  – Chris Williamson – former Labour MP
Leicester South – we will support Shockat Patel who is running as an Independent
Corby and East Northamptonshire - Callan Barrett Page
Derby North - Imran Hamid
Mid Derbyshire - Josiah Uche
Lincoln - Linda Richardson
Bolsover - Jack Evans
North West Leicestershire - Jevan Heatherley
Broxtowe - Syed Maqsood
Kettering - Thomas Dudfield
Northampton North - Khalid Razzaq
Leicester East – we will support Claudia Webbe MP if she runs again as an Independent
South Northamptonshire – Mick Stott
Nottingham East - Issan Ghazni
Nottingham South - Paras Ghazni
Newark - Collan Siddique

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