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Workers Party will stand hundreds in the General Election on July 4

Rishi Sunak has called a general election for July 4th. Standing outside No.10 the Prime Minister lied when he claimed that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine had sent energy bills spiralling. He claimed two major milestones: a growing economy and inflation ‘back to normal’. Sunak was gracious enough to note that for some, it might still be “hard when you look at your bank balance”!

Saying it was time to choose your future, he announced a general election on July 4.

The Workers Party will stand in hundreds of seats across the country. A full preliminary list of candidates will be published here:

Those wishing to stand for the Workers Party should fill in this form.

Who to Vote

For the first time in decades, workers and socialists will have a choice at the ballot box, and that choice is to vote for the Workers Party of Britain, led by the MP for Rochdale George Galloway.

Collective and “the Left”

The WPB national members council last weekend discussed the Collective and ‘Left’ challenges recently declared. Whilst the aims of many of those candidates involved in “the Collective” are admirable, the Workers Party has proven that we are the only viable electoral challenge to Labour. Up and down the country, it is only the Workers Party that has demonstrated electoral success.

Our party welcomes independent challenges that on balance contribute to the weakening of the Labour party. Those that may serve to strengthen the Labour vote or undermine a realistic challenge will not be supported.

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18 thoughts on “Workers Party will stand hundreds in the General Election on July 4

  1. Good Luck!! I’ll vote for you if you are standing in my area. We so need a fresh voice for the ordinary people of this country!

  2. Britain needs a true socialist voice.
    For years, the Labour Party has taken us for granted.
    They thought we had nowhere else to go.
    Well – Rochdale changed all that.
    George Galloway’s victory showed that working class people have another voice now.
    Labour’s pitiful response to mass murder in Gaza will cost them dearly.
    John C.

  3. I am a volunteer Leaflet distributer for Workers Party of Britain, call 01746 781068 . J C 23/5/24

  4. Brighton Pavilion is my constituency and I hope there is a WPB candidate here. Tom Gray is abominable and I can’t vote Green either.

  5. Can you please help in Newcastle under lyme Staffordshire, Tory Mp standing down ‘Liebour hopeful’ candidate is outsider from Haringey- please help!

  6. Hope you get a candidate set up in Mansfield you would get my vote. Otherwise spoilt ballet with a message of No red or blue Tories for me

  7. Anyone standing in Norwich South? I live in Norwich South and I want Clive Lewis of Labour to loose. I want to help with leaflets distribution and other roles that I can manage.

  8. Michael Bell you have my vote in Norwich South. I used to be a Labour member but no more. I voted for Labour over 30 years, but I have left Labour for good. Let me know if I can help with leaflet distribution or other roles that I can manage.

  9. I definitely vote for the workers party if you have a representative in St Helens North I stopped voting in 1998
    Please let me know thank you

  10. I’ve just joined. Is there a candidate in my constituency of Lewisham Deptford (I think it’s been renamed Deptford North

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