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Press Release: Britain backing Israel, what’s the cost?

It’s scandalous that the government are refusing to answer questions about the financial costs of protecting Israel. The Ministry of Defence, responding to a Parliamentary Question tabled by George Galloway, refused to provide costs saying they would be provided in due course in the annual accounts. How convenient! 

A conservative estimate suggests that the costs of maintaining naval vessels in the Red Sea and mounting bombing raids on Yemen may be up to £109 million. 

These costs are exclusive of the costs of mounting 59 RAF flights to Israel between October and May and operating surveillance operations targetting Palestinians.

Fess up, Defence Secretary Shapps. Tell the people how much public money is being squandered on protecting Israel from the consequences of its own barbaric actions.


5 thoughts on “Press Release: Britain backing Israel, what’s the cost?

  1. Outrageous we are supporting a state whose PM is about to be subject of an Arrest warrant as a WAR CRIMINAL, how anyone could vote for Sunak after his continued support for Israel is appalling!!

  2. The raf have gone down Badley lost respect of the British people No one will ever join the Army Raf The kill oeople for a butcher in Isreal

  3. Good point. I wonder how the British Govt. will react on the latest news frome the ICC.

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