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Rugby League icon to stand for the Workers Party in Wakefield

Rugby League icon to stand for the Workers Party in Wakefield and Rothwell

Former Rugby Super League and Welsh international Keith Mason is to stand in the General Election for George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain.

The athlete, businessman and working-class lad made good will be the party candidate for Wakefield and Rothwell. Mason, a Yorkshireman born and bred in Dewsbury has settled permanently in Yorkshire since retirement from sport. His life has been one full of up’s and down’s and has been captured in his autobiography Against All Odds to be released later this year.

Keith has his own non profit sports brand Mason Merch and gives all his proceeds from sales to The Tafida Raqeeb Foundation to help and support children with brain injuries.

Keith played 14 season in the English super league and down under in the NRL at the Highest level. Since retiring from professional rugby league back in 2013 Keith has starred in over a dozen films including the recent film The Punished aka Imperative which is now streaming on Amazon prime in the USA (soon to be released in the UK). Keith plays lead detective Jack Sullivan who’s an alcoholic who’s hunting down a vigilante serial killer whilst fighting his own demons on the streets of West Yorkshire.

Mr Mason says that he will “stand up for the ordinary working class men and women of Wakefield” if he is elected for the Workers Party.

Having overcome poverty in his youth, Mr Mason is widely regarded for his philanthropic work since retiring from professional sport. “Overcoming adversity and battling the demons I’ve made a success of my life when I could have fallen into a life of crime. I’m here to give something back” he said in a recent social media announcement.

Keith Mason is one of more than 500 candidates that will be standing for the Workers Party at the General Election.

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Keith Mason is a member of the Yorkshire Region of the Workers Party of Britain.

Keith has just been cast in the supernatural thriller detective film The Chosen written by Canadian screen writer Sean O’Neil where Keith will play lead Irish detective Kevin O’Brian hunting down a child killer in Belfast, Northern Ireland , filming commences in 2025.  Keith also created the comic book series Rugby Blood, the first ever comic book about a rugby league player, he helps raise funds for the charities he supports year round.

Watch the trailer for The Punished:

4 thoughts on “Rugby League icon to stand for the Workers Party in Wakefield

    1. Would Wakefield like, to see workers party britain printed materials and leaflets ?

  1. I like these goings on.I hope the Workers Party is able to handle the rough with the smooth and has the will to go on past the election,whether or not it is successful in terms of votes.Show you care a out the working people the support will come.

  2. Kieth, when you stand as candidate for wakefield , can we leaflet door to door for workers party of britain ?

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