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Update after terror attack on our party

The party thanks all those who have sent their well wishes to our comrade Mobes who was struck down in a vicious attack whilst out campaigning last week.

On Thursday evening members and supporters were assaulted in a hit and run attack in St Peter’s ward in Greater Manchester outside a polling station by alleged Labour Party members.

This has resulted in our comrade Mobes being hospitalised with head and abdominal injuries. We are pleased to say that she is on the road to recovery despite being readmitted to hospital with concussion. The charges levelled by the CPS, gross bodily harm, have been entirely insufficient. As George wrote on Twitter/X: “This was a politically motivated terrorist act and attempted murder. We intend to petition the prosecuting authorities accordingly.”

The hard work by many members culminated in last Thursday’s elections where we won four council seats, twice as many as Reform.

3 thoughts on “Update after terror attack on our party

  1. Hi good luck with the new party the left of politics has needed this for years as there is very little choice just neoliberalism ,that’s helped destroy our costal fleet in the fishing industry

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