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Hundreds of new candidates, thousands of new members

Do I need to make the pun? Her name is Aroma, she is going to drive out the bad smell in Manchester Tameside!”

George Galloway MP, Leader of the Workers Party of Britain

We in in the Workers Party of Britain have had quite the week! Every day a surprise, every day a victory! On Tuesday last week many of our candidates gathered in Parliament Square in London for a press conference which was covered far and wide just as those present had travelled from far and wide.

The hard work by many members culminating in Thursday’s elections led to us gaining four council seats, twice as many as Reform! Despite us being far better represented now in both councils and parliament it goes without saying Reform still get a leg up in the media…

But this week has not been without tragedy. On Thursday evening members and supporters were assaulted in a hit and run attack in St Peter’s ward in Greater Manchester outside a polling station by alleged Labour Party members.

This has resulted in our comrade Mobes being hospitalised with head and abdominal injuries. She is on the road to recovery despite being readmitted to hospital with concussion. The charges levelled by the CPS, gross bodily harm, have been entirely insufficient. As George wrote on Twitter/X: “This was a politically motivated terrorist act and attempted murder. We intend to petition the prosecuting authorities accordingly.”

The Workers Party of Britain stands by its members, and we seek justice for Mobes!

Unlike Labour, the Tories or even Reform we are not gifted media coverage or financial money pots, for us this goal can only be achieved by organising for our cause. We’re a campaigning party, we’re not a party of mere slogans. talk is cheap, even revolutionary rhetoric.

As George Galloway says of the Left, “When all is said and done, usually a lot more has been said than done“! That’s not us, we do what we say on the tin. More than 2,000 new members have joined the party in recent months, and we’ve hundreds of general election candidates getting ready for battle. And who but the worst windbag would claim that electioneering is a distraction from building a party that can fight, and win, the battle for socialism?

For more information and enquiries contact
0333 33 55 782 – Ed Renyard (Assistant General Secretary)

2 thoughts on “Hundreds of new candidates, thousands of new members

  1. I heard about the terrorist incident against the party, and I wish everyone who was present to be in the best of health and well-being, and I hope that the accused will be brought to justice for their crime.
    Aiad Mohamad

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