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Waheed Akbar for Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Election graphic for Waheed Akbar, WPB candidate for Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Introducing the Workers Party candidate for Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner in the May 2 election.

Residing in Bedfordshire for 38 years and actively involved in the community for 33 years, during these years I’ve established strong connections and relationships with local councillors, MPs, Ministers, and other various agencies. As your Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), I’d further leverage my skills and connections to enhance crime prevention and community safety initiatives by fostering partnerships and cooperation between the police force and other agencies.

My extensive experience as a councillor for 24 years, Mayor in 2000, and cabinet member for Social Services, Education, Children Services, Housing, and Environment has equipped me with the skills needed to provide strategic direction, oversee budget allocation, and hold the Chief Constable accountable for the performance of the police force. My current role in Child Protection showcases my dedication to public service and protecting vulnerable members of the community, aligning closely with the PCC’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all residents in Bedfordshire.

My experience raising children in our community has highlighted the critical importance of safety. With a deep concern for community well-being, I am uniquely positioned, through my extensive governance involvement, to address crime challenges as your PCC. As a board member of Safer Luton Partnership has strengthened my efforts to address crime issues locally. In recognition of my community contributions, I received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bedfordshire in 2011, which stands as a testament to my longstanding dedication to serving the community, making me your ideal elected PCC candidate.

My pledge as your PCC is to tackle the pressing issues of rising knife crime, drug-related offences, burglaries, domestic violence, and gang culture in Bedfordshire. I will ensure that resources are allocated prudently to effectively address these challenges and enhance community safety. Together, we can make Bedfordshire a safer place for all residents.

8 thoughts on “Waheed Akbar for Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner

  1. Lots of prayers and respect for Mr George Galloway,I am a big admirer of your work, your tireless efforts for humanity will be rewarded.

  2. Will be voting for Waheed Akbar in May. Time for truth. Time for transparency. Time for decency. Time for caring and looking after all in need. Time for change.
    Dr Zara Fahr

  3. I’m new to Bedfordshire and have little knowledge about the candidates. Actually, I would have voted for Mr JT based on the little bio that he posted. I only learnt about Mr WA after receiving my postal ballot and looked him up.

    How many people in Bedfordshire have no knowledge of you, Mr Akbar? How msnu votes would you lose to other candidates because you didn’t bother to have yourself (re) known to people?

  4. I will be voting for you in May. But we need a candidate from workers Party of Britain to stand in the General election in Bedford. Also please also increase your promotion as I am 100% sure many more people like me who are fed up with the current politics in this country will vote for you.

  5. I have submitted my postal vote for Waheed.
    I didn’t use to think that I was political. If I voted at all, it was just to spoil my ballot paper, but now, although I know that this is not the same as a national vote, so some people might regard this as an irrelevant comment, but I feel that you would need to be certifiably insane to vote for any of the parties that support the genocide.

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