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The Uniparty is the real party of division and hate

By Nina Knowles, WPB Writers Group

At the time of writing, MP Lee Anderson defected to Reform UK posing a greater challenge to the dominance of the two-party system and exacerbating fissures in the ruling Conservative Party. 

It could be said that Rishi Sunak has been asleep at the wheel of late, and the latest comments by top MPs within the party merely serve to remind us that Tories are the masters of deflecting blame upon anyone but themselves when the pressure piles on.

Suspended Ashfield MP Lee Anderson’s comments, currently under assessment by the MET police are one such example. Although Anderson has been suspended from the party, Sunak has stopped short of labelling Anderson’s claims that “Islamists” had “got control” of Mr Khan, as racist. The party has refused to say exactly why Mr Lee Anderson was wrong for declaring that the London Mayor was allegedly ‘controlled by Islamists’. 

The Muslim Council of Britain published a poll of Conservative Party members showing 58% of respondents think Islam is a threat to the British way of life, while 52% of members think it’s true that “Parts of many European cities are under the control of Sharia Law and are ‘no-go’ zones for non-Muslims”.

This attitude amongst Conservative Party members has certainly been stoked by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, whose unapologetic stirring of the Islamophobia pot led to far-right violence in Whitehall on Armistice Day that ultimately cost Braverman her job. Undeterred, she caused further outcry when she recently cited Palestine solidarity marches as proof that “Islamists” and antisemites run the U.K, failing to account for her own family ties to the Israeli Defence Force, and the ruling Conservative Party’s unrepentant support for Israel (is this really ‘Islamists’ in control?!)

None of these opinions from top Tory MPs will come as a surprise to those who have been paying attention for more than a passing moment. Who can forget Boris Johnson back in 2018 opining that Muslim women wearing veils look like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”? Such blatant disdain for the Muslim community didn’t stop Johnson from being seen as an acceptable choice for Prime Minister, while for example Jeremy Corbyn, then leader of the Labour Party was constantly smeared in the Press with accusations of allowing anti semitism to infest the Labour Party, accusations which have never been substantiated. The Tories get a free pass in the press, as does Keir Starmer’s Labour Party and its blatant discrimination against black and Muslim female MPs within the Labour Party with Diane Abbott, Apsana Begum and others.

The Muslim Council of Britain has called for an investigation into Braverman and Anderson as well as former PM Liz Truss, for her silence when Steve Bannon described anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson as a “hero”. In the same conversation, Truss maligned us in the Workers Party of Britain as “Islamist” with Bannon feigning alarm that a “radical jihadist party” was being represented in parliament. The actions of Truss were defended in the mainstream press by Tory MPs, while calling us the divisive ones!

Anderson, Braverman and Truss have succeeded in opening a wider debate both within and outside the Tory party of endemic anti-Muslim sentiment amongst its ranks, the same is true of the Labour Party as it was reported that senior Labour MP referred to Muslims leaving the Party over the Gaza genocide as “shaking off the fleas”, with a Labour NEC member stated “good riddance” to Muslim Councillors resigning from the Party over Gaza.

The uniparty of Labour and Tories remain unified in their support for Israel, further isolating them from the people they purport to represent. They are so out of touch and contemptuous of the millions in the streets calling for an end to the bloodshed in Gaza, and their complicity in it, that they choose to fearmonger instead and accuse the electorate of extremism and hate.  

What the Conservatives and Labour Party fear the most is organised international solidarity. Both parties cite increasing tensions between Muslim and Jewish communities, but those who have been out and about know that there is more unity between both these groups who bear witness to the tragedy unfolding in Gaza than they would have us believe. The real division is between the people of Britain and those who claim to represent us! 

The safety of our Members of Parliament, the integrity of our democratic process and the need to ensure that Britain doesn’t descend into polarisation are objectives the majority agree on however, expanding the definition of extremism to anything the British ruling class don’t like will not bring safety or security but repression and fearmongering. This mood will only increase the tensions between the working people of this country and those who rule them, as workers further feel the shock of economic disaster, escalating war rhetoric and a country without a hopeful vision of the future. Further clampdowns on free speech and assembly may be the spark that ignites the resistance of the people.

The British people deserve leadership that represents the majority of the population, and what most people want is an end to the ramping up of culture wars, an end to the curtailments of civil liberties, and a government that acts in the interests of British people rather than entanglement in wars abroad. Or is it now considered extreme to support ACTUAL democracy? Time will tell.