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Craig Murray selected for Blackburn

The following article is reproduced from Labour Heartlands. It reports on the successful Greater Manchester branch meeting on Sunday 17 March at which Craig Murray was selected as the Workers Party candidate for Blackburn.

From Diplomacy to Democracy: The Workers Party’s Choice Craig Murray for Blackburn

The Workers Party’s Vision for Blackburn: Craig Murray at the Helm by Paul Knaggs in Labour Heartlands

It was a crimson dawn for the workers’ struggle when the indomitable George Galloway secured his glorious return to Parliament in the Rochdale by-election. There’s been no resting on laurels. Riding this swell of momentum, The Workers Party now proudly unveil their candidate for Blackburn in the upcoming general election: Craig Murray.

Murray’s very name carries the weight of credibility and conviction. A Scottish lion renowned for his lifelong crusade against human rights abuses, obfuscation, and global injustice, he has fearlessly championed these sacred causes at every turn. During his tenure as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002 to 2004, Murray courageously defied the party line to expose the Karimov regime’s grotesque crimes against humanity – braving the wrath of his Foreign Office masters. Such principled resistance to torture and tyranny stands as a testament to his uncompromising moral rectitude.

“there is no point in having cocktail-party relationships with a fascist regime”

Craig Murray

Beyond his diplomatic tenure, Murray’s literary contributions, including captivating memoirs and insightful historical biographies, illuminate the complexities of our world with unparalleled clarity. His relentless pursuit of transparency in global politics and fervent advocacy for human rights epitomize the values championed by the Workers Party.

A man of multifaceted talents, Murray’s illustrious career spans authorship, human rights advocacy, journalism, and diplomacy.

And now, the torch of socialist progress blazes ever brighter as Murray takes up the mantle for The Workers Party in Blackburn. In him, the proud traditions of ethical economics, dignified labour, and equitable distribution find their modern voice. Rejecting the pernicious creeds of neoliberalism that have laid waste to our national fabric, Murray offers a bold, patriotic vision of Britain’s revival through the Worker’s Party’s planned, socially conscious governance.

The Workers Party stands shoulder to shoulder with Murray, aligning with all those brave enough to defy the chains of this oppressive parliament. In Murray, Blackburn discovers its champion of the working class – a stalwart advocate who will relentlessly amplify the voices of the marginalised.

People are finding they have choices in this rising movement of democratic socialism.

The worm has turned, and the downtrodden masses stir from their slumber. No more shall we suffer the Tories’ despotic reign nor the treachery of that vapid Starmer husk’s tarnished Labour remnant.

By shifting our votes away from the Tories and Starmer’s Labour, and instead entrusting our representation to emerging parties and left-wing independents, we seize a unique chance to rise above the evident deficiencies of the current system. This opportunity allows us to march boldly into the House of Commons, where our chosen representatives can truly champion the people’s interests, free from the shackles of the globalist establishment that mainstream parties are bound to.

As the general election approaches, Murray’s candidacy offers a compelling vision of progress and solidarity for the working class and marginalised communities across the nation, good luck Craig, in solidarity…Labour Heartlands.

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