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George Galloway MP addresses parliament on extremism

Where was the opposition to today’s extremism debate? Only our leader and MP for Rochdale George Galloway was really taking on the government’s new extremism definition.

The new definition of extremism “will not affect gender-critical campaigners, those with conservative religious beliefs, trans activists, environmental protest groups, or those exercising their proper right to free speech” said Michael Gove. The Guardian noted that even if it did, “it wouldn’t be law, it would merely be guidance”. If you find yourself denominated as an extremist organisation, the government say this will only affect you in so far as the government itself won’t engage with or fund you said the newspaper… But we all know that it is the thin end of the wedge.

“Try getting a bank account once you’ve been branded by Gove as an extremist”

George Galloway

2 thoughts on “George Galloway MP addresses parliament on extremism

  1. The EXTREMISTS. Are the USA government.. & the Uk Govt ( opposition). Supporting a Criminally Insane, Murderous , Recist , lying, lsraeli Government

  2. I learned in school that ‘extremism’ is a relative concept. One can only be extreme in relation to something else. But such matters are now sadly above the level of most of our elected leaders who will naturally use it to further narrow the window of discourse. It’s pathetic.

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