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Daily Mail dig deep to smear Workers Party, but forget their own support for Nazism

The Daily Mail has the Workers Party of Britain in their sights. Good. If the Mail are upset, we are happy.

This week it is 27 year old Workers Party activist Jesse in their cross hairs. Jesse, who attended a peace festival in the resort of Sochi this month, appeared in an RT broadcast covering the festival. The Mail, this beloved publication of the Tory shires is not only indignant of his attendance at Russia’s World Youth Festival in Sochi, but also his interview with RT (see below). For this double transgression, the Workers Party has it on good authority from a source in Westminster, that the Mail are about to embark on an attempted character assassination.

Old stereotypes recycled

Breathing new life into old anti-Soviet stereotypes, they intend to describe Jesse as a shadowy “Recruiting Officer” for the Workers Party, conjuring up stale Cold War images of a shady John le Carré, grooming his gullible victims in some grey non-descript suburban park, whilst nonchalantly throwing crusts of sourdough to expectant ducks.

The Workers Party takes recruitment and retention of members extremely seriously. In the last week we have grown by more than a thousand. Jesse and the Organising Team at the Workers Party can take some of the credit for that, but a great deal must go to the calamitous Rishi Sunak who promoted George Galloway to the position of Leader of the Opposition on 1st March, and the ongoing shambolic governance of the Westminster duopoly, or as George Galloway politely refers to them, “the two cheeks of the same backside”, who are doing a bang-up job for us in this regard. During our election campaign and following our thumping by-election victory, it has been all hands on deck to keep abreast of the enquiries and applications to join us.

Appreciation of other countries a criminal offence?

The Mail complain that during his interview, Jesse said how much he loved Russia. And who visits Russia and doesn’t fall in love? Not even James Bond. The entire RT interview (above) however shows that Russian television was fascinated by George Galloway and the WPB’s victory in Rochdale and how it had clearly rattled the establishment. 

Not content with the anti-Soviet pastiche they have rendered on Jesse, they portray the World Youth Festival (WYF) he attended as a cross between a “world scouting jamboree and a Nuremberg rally.” Both are wildly inaccurate descriptions as any simple social media search of the event will show.

The Daily Mail has intimate, historic ties with the purveyors of such rallies in 1920’s and 1930’s Germany. In August 2018, The Times of Israel said of the Daily Mail:

“When Adolf Hitler entered the Reich Chancellery on January 30, 1933, the cheers of the Nazi stormtroopers in Berlin were echoed in Northcliffe House, the home of Britain’s then highest-selling newspaper…”

Given Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere’s friendship with both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, one finds it surprising they are not able to distinguish between the two events.

Sometimes the Daily Mail gets it wrong. It was certainly the case in their support for Hitler, support they gave after the publication of Mein Kampf in 1925, laying bear his rabid antisemitism and racist world view.

They also got it wrong in July 1993 when they ran the headline: “Abortion hope after ‘gay genes’ findings”. The Mail went on to report: “isolation of the genes means it could soon be possible to predict whether a baby will be gay and give the mother the option of an abortion.” A worrying enthusiastic display for eugenics, wonder where they got that from?!

World Youth Festival

Jesse was one delegate amongst 10,000 international delegates. Out of 195 countries world wide, 180 countries had delegates in attendance at the festival, along with 10,000 Russian delegates. Whilst corporate media would have us believe Russia is isolated following the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the opposite is actually the case.

The world is transitioning away from the uni-polar dominance of the United States, increasingly viewed as untenable, and entering into a new multipolar era. Many countries dominated by the US and the collective West are freeing themselves from their former colonial masters. They are now increasingly trading in currencies other than the Dollar, historically and routinely used to bully and economically subjugate countries through sanctions. 

Many countries are queuing up to join BRICS. This year, Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will be inaugurated into the bloc. Egypt and Ethiopia, both African countries will also be joining BRICS which is viewed as an important player in the development of the continent’s economy and a main recipient of BRICS developmental aid.

9 thoughts on “Daily Mail dig deep to smear Workers Party, but forget their own support for Nazism

  1. One serious problem I have with the Workers Party is the long standing love affair of certain of its leaders with Asiatic dictatorships. It is not Russia which is the problem but its government. This is a murderous cabal of kleptocrats who, between them, have stolen tens of billions from the Russian people (yes, we know all about the Western asset stripping of Russian during the Yeltsin years and all the trouble and destitution that caused). That government operates by the Al Capone playbook … anyone who steps out of line gets whacked! Now there is to be a farce of a presidential election in which any serious opposition will have been disqualified, exiled or murdered and in which the ballot boxes will in any event come stuffed with the desired result just in case. The ‘West’ has many problems but if Russia and China are the alternatives then God help us!

    1. I do not believe the Workers Party want us to be like Russia or like China. Its leader GG often says he would not vote for Putin if he were Russian. But they oppose making enemies of these two huge countries, sanctioning them and preparing for war with them. That cannot be in the interests of working people who will either face further cuts to services to pay for it or be asked to die for it as so many of our ancestors did.

  2. Regarding Russia and China, I’d make the point that both have governments supported by a majority of their population. Western elite wrath is based on pro-Western parties having never been very popular, and less and less popular as the years pass. The next Presidential election will probably see the refounded Russian Communists as much the biggest opposition party.

    For China, surveys show most of the population happy with the government they have. This is also true for citizens of Singapore, where a single party has governed for decades and what opposition there is has been more on the left. And there is also concern at lack of rights for non-citizens working there, but the West seldom makes this an issue.

    Also overlooked is that the inhabitants of Hong Kong made no particular complaint about being ruled by people appointed by London, and not one ethnic Chinese in a senior post. It was Beijing that insisted there be a regional government, expected to play a sensible role. It was Chris Patten who used it to make trouble. And also showed an ignorance of the Hakka population, which is rather like living in London and having no idea that there are people called Cockneys.

    Western media will make a big thing about sovereign states that have chosen not to copy the Westminster system – itself not even loosely democratic until the 1880s, when a majority of white males got the vote. But they make no such complaints about Saudi Arabia and similar, nor about the replacement of a moderate-Muslim government in Egypt when the people dared vote for it.

    1. I agree. If you watch videos on YouTube from people who live in or have visited Russia and China you will see just how wrong most of the Western propaganda is concerning what everyday life for ordinary people is like in these countries. People need to upgrade and update their views on other countries, instead of relying on biased, outdated and inaccurate smears.

  3. The Daily Mail is one of the worst tabloids for propaganda and electoral engineering and not so subtly done at that. I remember the juxtaposition of an image of evil looking Corbyn and another of cuddly Boris and his dog. The Mail lied and will always lie to defile anything that looks like Socialism. After all, these big media Tycoons do indeed have much to lose when Socialism prevails, not least their power to corrupt the thinking of the British Public. Time to fight this entrenched and dangerous grip that a few individuals have on the Media.

  4. If you are living in a totalitarian state and approached by an official looking individual carrying a clipboard and asked whether you support the government you do not answer ‘no’. If you know what is good for you, you will smile broadly and tell your interviewer how much you love the party and the leader. Perhaps some reading from authors who have lived under the totalitarian knout of who have studied such societies closely, such as Solzhenitsyn and Koestler, not to mention Kafka and Orwell is advisable.
    Regarding China, every year there are thousands of unreported incidents … often serious riots … of public unrest over issues such as land grabs, pollution, unemployment, working conditions and so forth. Don’t believe the artwork!

  5. Don’t fall for the hype spread by the neoliberal newspapers, that are owned by the super rich, propping up the establishment order.
    It is designed to cause dissension among the working class, to cause separation based upon identity, race, sex, religion etc. Any damn thing that can get our focus away from what matters.

    What matters?. That the Workers Party GB’s focus remains steadfast upon its Manifesto and what unites the People/Working Class. That it continues to grow through putting members up for local and national elections. Through educating people and providing them with the hope and means by which they can join us in the task of creating a new political party, of the people, by the people and for the people.

  6. It is disappointing, though not surprising, to see the Daily Mail resorting to such tactics. Their portrayal of Jesse as a “shadowy recruiting officer” and the World Youth Festival as akin to a “Nuremberg rally” is a clear attempt to invoke Cold War-era stereotypes and fear-mongering. This is a desperate ploy to discredit the Workers Party’s growing popularity and influence.

    What’s more concerning is the Daily Mail’s own disturbing history of supporting fascism and Nazism in the 1930s. The paper’s owner, Lord Rothermere, was a close friend of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, and the paper openly cheered Hitler’s rise to power. For the Daily Mail to accuse others of association with such ideologies is the height of hypocrisy.

    The Workers Party’s growth of over a thousand new members in just one week is a testament to the public’s dissatisfaction with the current political establishment. Instead of resorting to smear campaigns, the Daily Mail and other media outlets would do better to engage with the substantive issues driving this shift in public opinion.

    Jesse’s attendance at the World Youth Festival, which brought together delegates from 180 countries , is a positive example of international cooperation and cultural exchange. Dismissing it as a “jamboree” only betrays the Daily Mail’s insular worldview.

    As the world transitions towards a multipolar order, with countries increasingly freeing themselves from Western dominance , it is crucial for political discourse to remain grounded in facts and open to diverse perspectives. Resorting to character assassinations and Cold War rhetoric is a disservice to the public and impedes meaningful dialogue.

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