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Statement of fact relating to upcoming elections

The following statement is released in response to press enquiries

The Workers Party has never been contacted by Andrew Feinstein, Collective or No Ceasefire – No Vote, and we’ve given no endorsement to any of these campaigns or candidates.

Our party welcomes independent challenges that on balance contribute to the weakening of the Labour party. Those that may serve to strengthen the Labour vote or undermine a realistic challenge will not be supported.

The Workers Party is committed to avoiding unnecessary electoral clashes, but having received over 450 applications to stand such an approach has to be two-way. The only group to consult with the Workers Party on this principled basis is the TUSC.


General Secretary

One thought on “Statement of fact relating to upcoming elections

  1. I have seen Andrew Feinstein ,s interviews on TV. He seems like a very valuable member of the support for Palestine., & an ANC MP… l would think the Workers Party. & him should be able to come to a suitable agreement for Electoral purposes, even if he is not a Workers Party member

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