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Open letter to Private Eye

To: Private Eye


I feel confident in saying that never before, have the policies of “er” and “that’s it”, as reported in Private Eye’s 1 – 14 March edition, delivered such a landslide victory in a British by-election, or brought a clearly rattled Prime Minister to the podium outside No 10.

Had Private Eye spent more time researching the reasons for George Galloway’s stunning Rochdale victory rather than hobnobbing in BBC green rooms, a more serious journalistic analysis could have been produced, as opposed to the cheap plate of sour grapes disguised as cynical satire.

The voters of Rochdale sent Labour packing, overturning a 9,668 safe seat majority, gaining more votes than Labour and Tory put together, surely something worthy of serious reporting, not ridicule. 

During the election campaign George Galloway was clear and unequivocal in his pledge to restore Rochdale Infirmary’s A&E and maternity unit. The Workers Party of Britain (WPB) are also working to bring back Primark as well as securing the reopening of the once thriving marketplace in Rochdale. Whilst this is not Whole Foods or Waitrose and so would clearly discombobulate the investigative radar of a Private Eye journalist, markets are an important social and local economic hub of many town communities. 

Another popular commitment to the people of Rochdale by Mr Galloway has been to put the incumbent Labour council on notice. Following years of “mismanagement, corruption and incompetence” the WPB will campaign at the next council election for local independent councillors who can better serve the interests of their community. All these local policies are part of the bigger picture to bring about a Rochdale renaissance or as George Galloway has coined, to “make Rochdale great again”.

Rochdale sits in the border regions of Greater Manchester, and like much of the area has suffered the effects of de-industrialisation, austerity, a botched Covid-19 policy and the cost of living crisis, all of which have taken its toll socially and economically on these communities. Private Eye, still traumatised by the Leave vote of 2016, can barely disguise its contempt for the electorate of Rochdale, having yet again voted the wrong way. Fortunately, the local people have put their faith in the Workers Party of Britain to put things right, not Labour, not the Tories and certainly not Private Eye.

On behalf of the Workers Party of Britain,

Nikola Bryce, National Members Council

4 thoughts on “Open letter to Private Eye

  1. No political party has all the right answers. The workers party has many. As a believer in international solidarity, or rather the demolition of the concept of nationhood, I find it hard to agree with your staunch anti EU stand. Yes, the EU as presently constituted is highly pro business, but it does offer some precious rights that Brexit has removed from our citizens. I voted against the EEC back in the day, but pro the EU in the most recent referendum. By and large Brexit has been disastrous for most people living in our island.

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