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Local events this weekend

More than 1,500 new friends are now with the party since February. We’ll be hosting a series of social events and local meetings for new members to meet existing members and friends, so keep an eye on our website for updates, and join the local Telegram groups (members will be invited to these).

The Workers Party is a party building project, its not limited to trying to be a mere propagandist circle. We believe in the power of numbers, there are no ideological blood tests for those wishing to join. All we ask is you agree to the Ten Point Programme, commit to upholding the Manifesto and support us with subs (min £5p/m).

Our party is not interested in being another micro sect of the Trotskyist type, nor are we going to pass off a mere propagandist venture as serious party building project. We’re not here just to talk about history, we’re here to make it. For us, theory is a guide to action. We are here to build a large, mass movement of the British working class, provide an alternative to the corrupt Labour party and break the Uni-party stranglehold on political representation in Britain. The Workers Party is a project whose time has come… and thousands agree with us. If you want to get involved, get along to local meetings or volunteer to help us set up a meeting in your local area.

Help organise a local meeting

If you can help organise a local meeting of members, let us know:


call 0333 33 55 782

Upcoming eventsManchester

Upcoming eventsBirmingham

Upcoming eventsLondon

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